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Programs for Physical Therapists in Kentucky

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Kentucky offers plenty of opportunities for physical therapists or those hoping to become physical therapists in the state. Not only are there several job options that are available to the recently graduated and licensed, but also there are multiple physical therapy programs in Kentucky, as well. Keep reading to find out more about PT programs in Kentucky.

According to Indeed.com, physical therapists in Kentucky earn about $92,000 per year, which is reportedly, a decent four percent higher than the national average income for physical therapists. This higher paying salary poses more than one benefit including, the fact that the cost of living is lower in Kentucky than in most other states. PTs in The Bluegrass State can earn even more than the average income according to their experience, education and expertise in the field.

There are several steps one must go through before being able to practice as a physical therapist in the state of Kentucky. The first requirement is to earn a Bachelor's degree in a field related to healthcare. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree, students must enroll in an accredited physical therapy school in Kentucky. Students in the state also have another option, which is to enroll in a board-approved PT program, if they would prefer.

Physical therapy programs in Kentucky offer a varying selection of education options that include, certification of completion of PT program, earning an Associate's degree in PT, earning a Bachelor's degree in PT, earning a Master's degree in PT and earning various Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy. Therefore, anyone living in Kentucky has the chance to start a career in PT with positions ranging from Physical Therapist Aides and Assistants those who practice in the field as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Regardless of your preference, Kentucky offers a variety of education programs to meet your personal goals and needs.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

An Associate's of Applied Science degree takes approximately two years to earn. Kentucky students should attain this degree from an accredited school, whether online or in a classroom. This degree enables graduates to work as a physical therapy assistants after completion.

Bachelor of Physical Therapy (BPT)

Physical therapy programs in Kentucky require a Bachelor's degree in a four year university or college. Typically, coursework includes general biology (with lab), general physics (with lab), human anatomy (with lab), human physiology (with lab), general physics (with lab), organic chemistry (with lab), psychology and social sciences, and statistics and calculus.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

While PTs only need to have a master's degree, many people who are entering the field decide to complete their education by earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. The Doctorate program covers several areas of study including, biomechanics, basic evaluation techniques, extremity and spinal orthopedics, physical agents, cardiopulmonary, anatomy, physical therapy, women's health, neuroanatomy, geriatrics, neuro physical therapy, pediatrics, psychosocial issues, business management, and legal issues. Individuals who have already obtained their Bachelor's degree and have completed the prerequisites in biology, chemistry, and physics can earn a doctoral program in just two and a half years.