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What is a career in Physical Therapy like in Kansas?

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The opportunities for those involved in physical therapy in Kansas are innumerable. Not only are physical therapy careers readily available in the state, but also this high demand field offers quite a few benefits, as well including, the high paying salary (According to Indeed.com, Kansas Physical Therapist earn about $79,000/year) normal work hours and the emotional benefits of this rewarding career. If you are considering starting a career in physical therapy in "the Sunflower State" – you'll want to know what to expect. We'll cover the basics of a physical therapy career in Kansas.

Job Description: Physical Therapist Assistant in KS

PTAs in Kansas work to assist Licensed Physical Therapists (LPTs) in providing therapeutic procedures and physical therapy treatments. In the state of Kansas, PTAs may be allowed to assist in developing a treatment plan, performing routine functions, modifying treatments based on the status of the patient (within the details of the treatment plan), documenting the patient's/treatment progress.

Job Duties: Physical Therapist Assistant in KS

  • Prepare electrotherapy equipment and treatment areas for the physiotherapist
  • Perform clerical duties including, ordering supplies, answering the telephone, taking messages, taking inventory and filling out forms
  • Administer traction to ease back and neck pain
  • Assist, instruct, motivate and safeguard patients during exercises and other functional activities
  • Operate static traction equipment at intermittent intervals
  • Discuss the patient's treatment plan with the other trained professionals and evaluate the patient's information for modification, coordination and planning purposes
  • Fit patients for prostheses, orthopedic braces and other supportive devices, like crutches
  • Secure patients to necessary therapy equipment
  • Administer passive and active manual therapeutic exercises, hot and cold therapy, light, water, sound, electrical modality treatments (e.g. - ultrasound) and therapeutic massage.
  • Measure the patient's vital signs, range of joint motion and assess affected body parts to document the effects of the treatment for evaluation purposes.
  • Examine/Observe patients throughout the treatment process to evaluate the patient during treatment, compile your information and report
  • Teach deep breathing for treatment of respiratory conditions
  • Perform vibrations and percussions for postural drainage for treatment of respiratory conditions.
  • Teach patients how to use prostheses, orthopedic braces, and other supportive devices.
  • Monitor equipment operation and keep detailed record of equipment use and treatment administration.
  • Transport patients according to positioning requirements for the treatment plan.
  • Assist patients in removing or putting on supportive equipment and helping them to dress and undress, as needed.
  • Clean the work area
  • Store equipment after treatment
  • Check equipment after treatment

Kansas physical therapist assistants can work in a variety of different fields, performing a variety of different functions – depending on where they choose to work in the state. Kansas students have to carry a certain level of degree (and pass the required examinations), in order to attain higher licensing and earn higher job titles in the state. The highest degree level in Kansas (and throughout the United States) is a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (DPT).

For those interested in starting a career in physical therapy in the state of Kansas – it can be a physically-demanding, yet emotionally rewarding career choice that you're sure to love.