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Requirements for becoming a Physical Therapist in Indiana

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Indiana's commerce and industry is finally booming after a long lull in the economy. This is true, especially in terms of IN careers in the field of physical therapy. In fact, physical therapists in Indiana can earn an impressive $93,000 per year, which is five percent higher than the national average for physical therapists.

Learn how to start a rewarding career in physical therapy in your state. Physical therapists need to be licensed in the state of Indiana, in order to practice within the state. Like most other states, physical therapy is regulated by an appointed board – in this state, this agency is Indiana's Professional Licensing Agency.

Academic Requirements for PTs in Indiana

Prior to becoming a Licensed Physical Therapist (LPT), Indiana physical therapists need to attain a bachelor's degree in physical therapy through a board-approved school. PT hopefuls in Indiana can also enroll in a rehabilitation therapy program through a graduate school. A rehab therapy program typically, includes initial coursework followed by field work or an internship.

How to Become a Physical Therapist in Indiana

  1. Submit application to take the Indiana state examination for physical therapists in the state. Application must be mailed to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency along with the $100 application fee made out to the IPLA. Anyone with questions concerning the application process should visit the IN.gov website or email the agency (pla6@pla.IN.gov) for more information.
  2. Register to the take the exam on the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy website, FSBPT.org.
  3. Pay the exam fee in the amount of $350 to the FSBPT.
  4. Pay an additional testing fee of $65 to the testing center when scheduling your exam.
  5. Take the exam at a Sylvan Learning Center, that provides the computerized test for the state of Indiana.
  6. Provide two passport-type photos, a transcript of grades from an accredited school and a copy of name change documents (affidavit or certificate), if the person's name has changed.
  7. Pass the exam to receive LPT (Licensed Physical Therapist) title and license to practice physical therapy within the state.

Additional Tips for PTs in Indiana

  • Applicants should allow approximately two to four weeks to complete the application process. It's also important for applicants to make sure they have sent all of the required documents and information, otherwise it will be at least two to four weeks before being notified of the missing documentation via snail mail.
  • Indiana PTs can apply for temporary permits to practice in the state by paying $50 in application fees and $100 for temporary permit fees. Individuals with this type of permit are only eligible to practice under the supervision and instruction of a LPT. The permit lasts for 90 days or until the individual completes the requirements to become a certified PT in the state.

After completing the necessary requirements to become certified to practice physical therapy in the state – LPTs can start their job search. If they aren't already placed in a job, they can work in a clinic, center or hospital in Indiana.