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Illinois Physical Therapy Salary and Education Options

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There are several reasons to live in Illinois – from the beautifully-changing seasons to the bustling excitement in Illinois' metropolitan areas – especially for in-demand careers within the state, like Physical Therapy. Along with being in high demand, physical therapy careers are also high-paying in Illinois, as well. If you are considering a career in physical therapy in Illinois – you should read the following information because it's definitely good news.

Illinois PTs: Salary Information

Salary amounts differ throughout Illinois depending on education level, field of expertise, career type and location. Here are some facts and figures – updated February 17, 2011.

By Salary Calculator

According to Indeed.com, physical therapists in Illinois make an average of $95,000 per year. This estimated income is reportedly, seven percent higher than the national average for physical therapists.

According to Payscale.com, physical therapists in the state of Illinois can earn approximately $47,200 to $62,400 per year.

SalaryExpert.com reported that physical therapists who work in a sports specialty in PT can earn around $55,376 annual income.

By Job Title

  • A traveling physical therapist assistant in Illinois can earn approximately $89,000 a year.
  • A physical therapist who travels in the state of Illinois can earn around $92,000 to $115,000 annually.
  • Physical therapists in Illinois who treat inpatients in a medical facility can make approximately $79,000 per year.
  • A physical therapist PRN (as needed) in Illinois can earn an impressive salary of $301,000 per year.
  • A physical therapist who works in the healthcare field in Illinois can make approximately $88,000 each year.
  • Pediatric physical therapists in the state of Illinois can make around $80,000 annually.
    (Source: Indeed.com)

Illinois PTs:Career Options

  • PTs are trained to work in schools including, preschool, grade school and secondary students in Illinois.
  • PTs can work in a variety of occupational environments ranging from corporate to industrial and beyond.
  • PTs can work with sports professionals including athletes involved in college, amateur and professional sports in Illinois.
  • PTs in Illinois have the skills needed to work in intensive care units, critical care units, subacuate care settings, acute care and more.
  • PTs that live in Illinois have the opportunity to teach in PT-related programs at colleges, schools or universities.

Your available career choices depend on many different factors including, your education, as well as, your personal experience in the field. The higher the degree you achieve – the better job offers you'll receive, the more opportunities you'll have and the higher salary you'll command. Decide where you'd like to go in your physical therapy career in Illinois.

If you have decided that you'd like to get started in a physical therapy career in Illinois – you'll need to carefully examine the PT degree programs that are available to in and out of the state of Illinois. There are a variety of career path options for individuals with physical therapy degrees. Therefore, it's important to assess your goals and have an understanding of what will be required, in order to make your dreams a reality.