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Where do Physical Therapists work in Florida

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Florida is a popular destination for tourists, likely due to its warm climate, sun-soaked sand beaches, the wide variety of activities to do in the state and of course, "The Mouse", himself probably has something to do with it. If you are one of the many people who live in Florida and you'd like to know more about a career in physical therapy – you have come to the right place. Coming up, we'll explain more about the job and where Floridians who become PTs can work in "The Sunshine State".

Florida physical therapists have a vast array of options, as far as where they can work.

Physical Therapy: Demographics

Physical therapists in Florida work with people on an individual basis, in an effort to slow the progression or prevent the onset of certain immobility issues caused by disease, injury or other causes. Physical therapists can work with individuals from any age group who have functional problems as a result of injuries or other conditions such as, neck injuries, strains, sprains, fractures, burns, amputations, stroke, birth defects (cerebral palsy and spina bifida), multiple sclerosis, and other injuries related to sports, work, etc.

Physical Therapy: Work Hours

Generally speaking, physical therapists, like most others in the healthcare professionals do not have to work nights or weekends. PTs in Washington D.C. are typically, on the clock during traditional work hours (40 hours per week). Due to the high demand for individuals trained in physical therapy, the job market for PTs in D.C. is expected to progressively improve and should remain strong for a long period of time.

Physical Therapy: Work Environment

The state of Florida has several clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities that employ physical therapists. Where a Florida PT works, however, is dependent on their level of education, their qualifications and their personal preference. A few of the most common work environments for PTs who practice in Florida include inpatient rehabilitation facilities, outpatient clinics and offices, schools, hospice care facilities, industrial facilities, occupational environments, fitness centers, sports training facilities, skilled nursing facilities, extended care facilities. education centers, research centers, or the patient's home.

Physical Therapy: Areas of Specialization

There are multiple options for individuals living in Florida who are hoping to get into the field of physical therapy. Physical Therapists in Florida may work in a variety of specialized fields, according to personal preference. The options for specialized physical therapy include cardiopulmonary physical therapy, pediatrics, geriatrics, neurology, sports medicine, orthopedics and others.

The answer to the question, "Where do Physical Therapists Work in Florida" is – pretty much anywhere they want to within the field. Therefore, a Florida physical therapist might work in a sports facility helping pro athletes get back on the field or helping children return to school after a "disabling illness" or educating students on how to treat injuries and other conditions with physical therapy at a top-notch university. Wherever you wind up working in Florida as a PT, you're bound to be in a rewarding career that you're sure to love.