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Job Outlook for Physical Therapists in Delaware

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006 the average hourly rate for physical therapists in DE was $30.82 and the salary for PTs living in the state of Delaware was $63,770. Today, however, the average salary has increased dramatically for Delaware physical therapists. Indeed.com reported a median salary of $83,000 for PTs who worked in "The Diamond State". While this amount is about six percent lower than the nationwide averages for physical therapists – the yearly income for physical therapists who practice in Delaware is expected to keep growing, until at least 2016.

There are many reasons to start a career as a physical therapist in Delaware – obviously this job can be financially beneficial, but it can also be challenging and emotionally rewarding, as well. If you are currently in the field or considering starting a career as a physical therapist in Delaware – it's important to know what your future will look like. Let's discuss the job outlook for physical therapists in Delaware state.

Physical Therapy: Job Outlook in Delaware

In many states across the country, including Delaware, the job outlook for PT professionals is very strong. Physical therapists living in Delaware can practice in a variety of different settings (based on their personal preference). Typical physical therapy settings in Delaware may include hospitals, physical therapy clinics, a doctor's office or the patient's home. Physical therapy is one occupation that allows professionals to earn a higher salary than if they were self-employed. Many PTs work in the general field, treating a variety of patients with different ailments and conditions. Physical therapy patients can include a number of different individuals including a child with a brain injury, a professional football player who has been injured or an Iraq war veteran who has lost his leg.

Physical Therapy: Demands of the Job

While a physical therapy career offers a number of different benefits, a job as a PT can be quite demanding. Very different from a desk job, a career as a Physical Therapist, Assistant or Aide can include several different physically-demanding duties including lifting patients, moving patients around, kneeling, squatting, bending and demonstrating various exercises that are a part of the patient's treatment plan. In addition, PTs in Delaware can face other on-the-job challenges, as well. Sometimes a PT will come across a patient that is in severe pain and is very slow to show progress. Another common experience within this field is when a patient becomes frustrated (this can be a very frustrating process) with the exercises. Therefore, a job in physical therapy calls for a individuals who are equipped to handle these situations.

Physical Therapy: The Need

Individuals who participate in a variety of different activities and from all walks of life may require the professional skills of a physical therapist. Therefore, there is a constant demand for PTs in Delaware (and across the country) and the market for physical therapists is expected to remain strong for quite some time. PT professionals are commonly working in high-demand specialty areas such as, cardiovascular, geriatric, neurological, orthopedic, pediatric and pulmonary rehabilitation.