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How much does a Physical Therapist make in DC

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Thinking about starting a job as a physical therapist in D.C may bring a lot of questions to mind including, "What are the responsibilities of the job?", "What is a typical job setting for a PT?", and "What is the average salary for a physical therapist in my area?". In the following information, we will answer one of the most important questions related to physical therapy – "How much does a Physical Therapist earn in D.C.?"

D.C. residents who have a degree in physical therapy can practice in various settings including nursing facilities, public/private schools, hospitals, pediatric medical centers, homes, sports medicine centers and more. Some physical therapists in D.C. with advanced degrees can use their knowledge and skills in the research field and as educators in university/college settings.

Physical Therapy: Salary in D.C.

In the City Of Magnificent Distances, otherwise known as Washington D.C., physical therapists can earn a competitive and impressive salary. While the salary for physical therapists can vary greatly according to the company where a PT works, their location, the type of physical therapy they're in, their experience in the field and varying benefits. Below, are the average salaries for physical therapists in many different venues throughout Washington D.C.

  • Physical Therapist – According to Indeed.com on February 17, 2011, Physical Therapists in Washington DC reportedly earn an average of $101,000 per year, which is actually 14 percent higher than what PTs make (on average) nationwide.
  • Traveling PTs – Traveling Physical Therapy Assistants in D.C. command an annual salary of approximately $95,000 while, a licensed physical therapist who travels can earn anything between $98,000 and $122,000 in D.C.
  • Inpatient PTs – A physical therapist who works with individuals who are inpatient in the City of Washington earns an average of $85,000 per year.
  • Pediatric PTs – A Pediatric Physical Therapist in Washington can make an annual salary of $86,000 or more each year.
  • PRN PTs – A Physical Therapist PRN (meaning, as needed) in Washington can earn an impressive income of $321,000 each year.
  • Healthcare PTs – A Physical Therapist who is trained to work in the healthcare field in Washington can make at least $94,000 a year.

Typically, PT programs in the nation's capital are offered at the graduate level, which means that prospective students must earn a bachelor's degree before they are able to enroll in a physical therapy program. Typically, students complete three years in an undergraduate program that includes physical sciences, exercise science, or a similar field before beginning a physical therapy program in D.C. Admission into these programs is very competitive. Those who possess a strong academic background and have impressive references will stand the best chance of getting into a top-rated PT degree program in Washington.

A career in physical therapy in the New City Of Washington can be exciting, gratifying AND financially rewarding. Physical therapists in D.C. Can earn considerably more than any other area in the United States. Get started today in a career you'll love!