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Arizona Physical Therapy Licenses

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Working as a physical therapist in the 48th state of the union can be a fulfilling and worthwhile career path. Arizona, otherwise known as "The Valentine State" has more than 2600 physical therapists working in hospitals, clinics and private organizations within the state. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (in 2010) the average hourly rate for physical therapists in Arizona was $34.48, which falls just below the national average for PTs at $35.77. Throughout Arizona, there are salary trends in the field of physical therapy. For instance, Arizona PTs in the northern portion of the state make approximately $64,320 per year, while physical therapists in the southeastern region earn an average of $68,400 annually.

If you live or are planning to move to Arizona and you're considering a job in physical therapy – you'll need to be licensed in order to practice physical therapy within the state. The Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy is in charge of the state's laws, regulations, and issues related to physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Education in AZ

In the state of Arizona (and most other states), if you wish to begin a career as a physical therapist, the first step to take towards reaching your goal is to attain the required education for the state. It is a requirement in AZ for physical therapists to complete high school or equivalency While there are no physical therapy programs that are available to high school students in Arizona (or any other state) -- students who wish to pursue a professional career in physical therapy should focus on related coursework. This can include majors such as, chemistry, biology, kinesiology and psychology.

Education Requirements

  • Complete an undergraduate degree program to earn a Bachelor's degree – Students must attain a Bachelor's in a science-related field such as, bio-mechanics, biology, chemistry or kinesiology OR a pre-PT program in the state (or otherwise, approved by the state; contact The Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy for information).
  • Complete a graduate physical therapy program – Attain a Masters (MPT) or Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (DPT) including completion of the necessary requirements for clinical rotation.
  • Complete the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) application process – In order to complete the application process recent graduates must pay the necessary fees and provide all supporting documentation.
  • Make an appointment for the National Physical Therapy Exam – Find out the time and date for the next scheduled NPTE 1
  • Pass the NPTE within three attempts in a 12 month period.
  • Complete the state license application process in the state of Arizona – Applicants must provide necessary documentation and pay licensing fees.
  • Comply with The Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy's standards of ethics, care and continuing education requirements.

Costs to Become Licensed as a PT in Arizona

  • Pay $370 for the National Physical Therapy Exam fee

  • Pay the $50 fee for the jurisprudence test (regulated as of July 2010)
  • Pay the $260 Arizona PT licensing fee

Becoming a licensed physical therapist is a career you can be proud of – get started today in a rewarding career in AZ that you'll love!