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What are the options for Physical Therapy Jobs in Alaska

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The physical therapy field in Alaska serves a diverse population of people with various needs and . Therefore, those who have earned a degree in physical therapy in Alaska will have an exciting career awaiting them with plenty of options for employment. Alaska, has a state motto of "North to the Future" and becoming a physical therapist in "The Land of the Midnight Sun" is a great way to attain a promising future.

Role of Physical Therapist in Alaska

The role of a physical therapist is diversified and open allowing them to do a number of different activities including, utilizing hot and cold therapies to treat joint and muscular problems, teaching exercises that alleviate pain, teaching patients how to use and adapt to prosthetic devices and improvement movement for individuals with physical impairments.

Work Venues for Physical Therapist in Alaska

Depending on a physical therapists level and field of expertise – Alaska PTs have opportunities to work in a variety of settings such as, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, senior care centers (inpatient and outpatient), athletic facilities and sports centers.

Individuals with the capacity to teach can also use their physical therapy degree to instruct at different academic centers and universities around the state of Alaska. A PT in Alaska may also work closely with medical professionals and physicians to build an appropriate treatment program or to treat patients that have been referred by general practitioners, which happens quite often for minor injuries.

Opportunities for Alaska PTs with Degrees

The level of degree a physical therapists obtains also has an impact on the career opportunities that are available to PTs in Alaska. Individuals who graduate with a bachelor's degree in PT and pass the Alaska state licensing exams will have the opportunity to work in virtually, any venue mentioned above, based on his or her experience and preference. Alaska PT students who graduate with an Associate of Applied Sciences or who complete a Physical Therapist Assistant Training program will be eligible to work as physical therapist assistants (PTAs) alongside licensed professionals within the state. Several PTA programs are available online for students in Alaska who don't have the time or available funds to attend college full-time. PTs in Alaska who have a Master's or Doctoral degree have the option to work with a professional sports team, addressing injuries effectively and helping the players get prepared for their games. Other options for a Master's degree or Doctorate in Physical Therapy in Alaska include working in geriatric, childhood and orthopedic rehabilitation settings.

Popular Options for Alaska Physical Therapists

Physical therapists in Alaska often, enter similar career paths. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (pub. U.S. Department of Labor) stated that the majority of physical therapists – approximately 60% of PTs in the U.S. work in a medical setting – most often, hospitals, therapy offices and private rehabilitation centers.

"The Last Frontier" is a great state to choose an exciting career in physical therapy, with so many options to choose from – you're sure to find a career you love.