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Occupational Therapy Schools in Washington

The state of Washington offers 118 colleges and out of those options, 23 schools offer Occupational Therapy programs. Nevertheless, how do you know which one is the best option for you? In the following information, we will review some of the top-rated schools in Washington that offer Occupational Therapy programs, so you can decide for yourself.

Washington State University (Pullman)
WSU offers three Occupational Therapy majors with opportunities for students to achieve a Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral degree in OT. ROTC programs are also available at WSU. The tuition is moderately expensive when compared to other colleges and approximately 26,200 students are enrolled at Washington State.

Eastern Washington University (Cheney)
East Washington features five Occupational Therapy majors including options for students to attain their Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral degree in OT. ROTC programs are available to students interested in furthering their education in Occupational Therapy. The price for tuition at EWU is above the national average and the student body consists of about 11,500 students. The campus is considered to one of the safest in the area, as well.

Central Washington University (Ellensburg)
CWU in Ellensburg offers two Occupational Therapy majors with options for students to earn their Bachelor or Master's degree in OT. In addition, ROTC programs are available for students who are interested in taking advantage of these programs. This school offers above average tuition fees with a student population of about 11,300 students.

Western Washington University (Bellingham)
West Washington offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Occupational Therapy. This university features above average tuition costs with affordably priced on-campus housing. The campus is considered relatively safe with an enrollment of more than 14,600 students.

University of Puget Sound (Tacoma)
The University of Puget Sound (or UPS) offers two Occupational Therapy majors. In addition, students have the option to earn their Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy, as well. The student retention rate is extremely high with very costly tuition fees and reasonably priced housing options, right on campus. In addition, this campus is considered dangerous, in comparison with other colleges in Washington. The University of Puget Sound enrolls more than 2,900 students, each year.

Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma)
This private, denominational school offers students with the opportunity to get their Bachelor's or Master's degree in Occupational Therapy. In addition, this school offers ROTC programs, as well. PLU has a student population of more than 3,600 students with an excellent student retention rate, very expensive tuition and affordable housing, on campus.

Seattle Pacific University (Seattle)
Seattle Pacific offers three majors to those interested in Occupational Therapy. In addition, students can achieve a Bachelor's, Master's or doctoral degree at SPU, as well. ROTC programs are available, as well. The tuition costs are very expensive at SPU in Seattle, but the campus is considered generally safe. The total student population is about 4,000 students.

Gogonza University (Spokane)
Gogonza has opportunities for students to earn their Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees. This school has an excellent rate of student retention with very costly tuition fees and affordable housing available for students, on campus. The student enrollment at Gogonza University is about 7,500 students and ROTC programs are available.