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Why Occupational Therapy Programs Work in New Jersey

New Jersey Occupational therapy programs are popular in the state of New Jersey for many reasons. Occupational therapy (OT) programs in New Jersey help debilitated patients reclaim their functionality and independence in public settings, such as returning to the workforce. Learn more about some of these OT programs and why occupational therapy students in New Jersey have such a high graduation/success rate.

OT Educational Opportunities in NJ

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in an occupational therapy program in New Jersey. Many universities in New Jersey have nationally accredited occupational therapy programs. Seton Hall University, located in South Orange, NJ offers an excellent occupational therapy program where students can get their Master's in occupational therapy. Another option, is Kean University's occupational therapy program (79 to 84 credit hours), which is available to individuals who already have a four-year degree in any subject, however, undergraduates are eligible to enroll in the OT program during their senior year. Many of these programs in New Jersey prepare students for the exam that will enable students to practice occupational therapy in New Jersey and several other states -- the exam is administered by the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists.

OT Programs: High Standards in NJ


Kean University offers a solid occupational therapy program that has been going strong for more than 30 years. The faculty at Kean University in New Jersey is committed to ensuring that students are able to complete their two and a half year occupational therapy program. During 2005 - 2007, 84 qualified students were admitted into the OT program at Kean University. Due to retention plans that were put in place by the faculty at KU, 92 percent out of the 84 students, completed the necessary requirements and graduated. Part of the retention plan allowed students, who were struggling with the demands of a full-time program to switch to a part-time schedule. The OT program at Kean consists of two years of academic courses and at least six months of working in the field.


Seton Hall University (School of Health and Medical Sciences) offers programs for students looking to get their bachelor's and master's in occupational therapy in six years. At Seton Hall, students get field experience each semester and learn valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, as well.


The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey offers an OT program with smaller class sizes, which means students get attention that is more personal. In addition, students enrolled in the program have access to a wide selection of professional journals and various other resources for research, as well. This program works well because it utilizes case-based learning, training facilities, a variety of different fieldwork settings and innovative technology in the classrooms, as well. Occupational therapy programs run smoothly and offer a high success rate. Several OT programs are available to students so, they can choose a program that matches their needs. In addition, these programs for occupational therapy in the state of New Jersey are designed for success.