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Occupational Therapy Jobs in Nebraska

A fact that has slipped the minds of many is that Nebraska, or at least parts of it, were included in the Louisiana Purchase. Today, the state is a top agricultural producer in the areas of crops such as corn, wheat and sorghum. Farmers and ranchers also raise large populations of cattle and hogs.

Included on the state's list of leading attractions are the Agate Fossil Beds. Agate is a translucent variety of quartz and a sub-variety of chalcedony. The rocks are very colorful and can be used in the manufacturing of grinding equipment, and as ornaments.

Other attractions in the state include Homestead and Scotts Bluff National Monuments, Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Joslyn Art Museum, Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney and Museum of Nebraska History in Lincoln. Nebraska is also a state steeped in football lore, and the state's most popular team is the Nebraska Corn Huskers of The University of Nebraska.

Job seekers searching for occupational therapy jobs in Nebraska should be able to find a good selection of opening by clicking on a local job website. In terms of therapy jobs, occupational therapy and physical therapy positions are available at various locations throughout the state. Even with a greater number of people beginning to pursue therapy jobs because of the availability of the positions and the relatively high salaries, quality jobs are still available.

According to a recent survey, the average salary that an occupational therapist professional earns is $87,000 a year, while treating mentally and physically ill people in an effort to help them achieve a level of independence. The actual work that a therapist does can vary significantly depending on the patients he or she is working with. Mental and developmental difficulties will not be treated with the same exercises and procedures as physical disabilities. Mississippi offered the highest salary in the country, $111,000 a year. The District of Columbia was second with an offering of $108, 000. Not far behind, in third place was Virgin Islands at $107,000.

So how did the state of Nebraska fair against other states? Well, the bad new is that Nebraska was a bit below the top salaries, and actually the state was below the national average. However, the figure was $76,000. This is obviously not as high as one would like, but that is still a good salary when compared to the salaries of other professions in the state. As we stated early, different occupational therapy assignments will warrant different pay rates, and the amount of money a therapist with his or her own private practice makes may differ greatly from what a therapist working in a hospital or medical center earns.

Other average salaries included South Carolina at $80,000, Louisiana at $68,000, North Carolina at $86,000, New York at 103,000, Oklahoma at $80,000, Virginia at $92,000, Hawaii at $71,000 and Pennsylvania at $83,000.

As you would expect, salaries were significantly influenced by the number of occupational therapists in each state and the number of open positions.