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Why Choose Occupational Therapy in Mississippi

In Mississippi, there was a time when career options were few. While the state continues to depend heavily on agriculture and crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn, peanuts, rice, sugar cane and sweet potatoes, the economy has expanded significantly over the last several decades. Still the state ranks far down the list in terms of worker education when compared with other states. While this is definitely not a good aspect of the state's workforce, it does mean that there is greater opportunity for those people willing to pursue higher education. One area where this definitely rings true is in the field of occupational therapy.

By no means is Mississippi, a state rich in history and historical structures, alone. The need for qualified and accredited therapist is high throughout the country, and that will probably remain high for the next several years. In fact, as the large segment of the population known as baby boomers continues to age, the need for occupational therapists should increase as well. So this is one reason to consider a job in this field. The security of having a job is a big positive for choosing to go into occupational therapy. Salaries for this profession are very competitive, and some of the highest salaries are available in Mississippi.

Of course, choosing a career is a big decision so it may help to know more about what occupational therapists do. First and foremost, they help people. They accomplish this by using the skills they learned and developed as a result of their education and training. Academics and clinical work are equally important. A therapist must have a grasp of how the body and mind work and must know how to translate that knowledge into physical activities to help patients recover form illness, injury and other trauma that may have limited their abilities. In many cases, therapists are helping patients to recover simple skills that will enable the patients to carry out normal daily activities such as dressing themselves, cooking and eating.

While the goal is pretty much the same with all cases--to help clients regain independence and improve their quality of lifeā€”the tools and techniques will differ. As with most jobs, the ability to communicate is vital to therapists. Not only must they be able to explain what they want the patients to do, but they must also be able to understand what the patients is relaying to them. Average to above average physical strength is a plus and a necessity with some clients. Therapists sometimes have to lift patients and equipment.

If you do not like hospitals and medical facilities, this may not be the profession for you. Many occupational therapy jobs are conducted in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation canters and nursing homes. This is not true with all positions. Some therapists work in schools and in private homes. Before choosing to pursue an occupational therapy program in Mississippi it would be a good idea to research the numbers of related positions available in the state, and also look to see whether any of those positions sound like something you would want to do.