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Therapy Jobs in Maine

Whether looking for a position as a speech therapist, physical therapist, respiratory therapist or occupational therapist in the state of Maine, a visit online should net numerous prospects. Once you type "therapy jobs in Maine" into a search engine the results will be extensive. Our search resulted in over 280,000 options. Of course, not all of these sites will be of use to someone searching for a job, but many of them will be and this means job seekers will have multiple choices.

When looking over job openings for therapists in Maine you will find that many of the ads are looking for applicants who bring more than technical skills to the job. For most therapy positions, therapists are interacting with patients and co-workers. Thus employers want individuals who enjoy being around people and who will bring a positive attitude to work each day. The benefit of simple people skills cannot be overstated in a therapist. A high percentage of the available therapist positions in Maine are in nursing facilities. If this is the environment in which you want to work you are in luck, or at least the odds are in your favor. Some people find working in such facilities five days a week confining. There are other options. For example, we found a position as a traveling therapist. This position would offer more adventure and less predictability. Our search indicated that there are positions available in various locations throughout the state, as opposed to being heavily concentrated in one city or area.

Regardless of where a therapist works in Maine, there will be plenty to do. As one saying goes, "It never stops happening in Maine." The state is filled with activity year 'round. There are too many summer festivals to attempt to list, and the fun does not cease as the cooler weather of autumn moves in. The changing of the leaves brings on other festivals and celebrations. Then there is the celebrations surrounding the December holidays and New Year's. You can check the state's tourist website for more activities, but here are a few: parades, winter performing arts, snowmobile races, dog sledding and ice fishing derbies.

Here are a few facts not commonly known outside of Maine. The state is responsible for the production of 98 percent of the low-bush blueberries produced in the United States. The state is comprised of about 89 percent forest land and is one of the top producers of pulp-paper in the world. However, it should as no surprise that the state's lobstermen captured almost 63 million pounds of lobster in 2005. The sea coast state is responsible for a large percentage of the sardines canned in the country annually.

It is the remarkable seacoast that attracts a large number of the state's visitors each year. However, the lands lakes, mountains and resorts are hot tourist spots as well. Whether you are a therapist who enjoys fishing, skiing, boating, walking the beaches, watching parades, visiting festivals or something else, chances are you will be able to find ways to entertain yourself in the state.