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Occupational Therapy in Indiana

If you have ever seen the movie Hoosiers then you are probably already aware of how important the sport of basketball is to the residents of Indiana. Basketball hoops line the driveways of many suburban communities, they are affixed to barns and storage buildings in many a small town, and gyms, parks and recreational centers are commonly filled with city kids looking to hone their on-court skills.

In addition to being a basketball obsessed state, Indiana is an agricultural cornucopia. You name the crop and there's a good chance the state produces it—within reason. For occupational therapists, there are many opportunities in the state, and potential inhabitants will be pleased to that the state has attractions other than basketball and corn. It encompasses serene nature scenes that can be viewed while navigating the almost infinite trails that stretch for miles and miles. Lakes and huge sand dunes are part of the diverse Indiana landscape as well.

Larger communities, such as the state capital of Indianapolis, provide cultural and educational outlets, including art galleries, live theater and museums. The city is where the legendary Indianapolis 500 car race takes place each year, and the city is the center of Indy car racing. There are few other sporting events that rival the 500 and the revenue created by the event is instrumental to the state economy. Sports' fans can also enjoy the highly successful and Super Bowl winners, The Indianapolis Colts and of course, the Indiana Pacers, the state's professional basketball team.

Indiana is where one can find prestigious universities such as Indiana University, Purdue University and Notre Dame University. While on the subject of schools, its worth mentioning that Indiana University in Indianapolis has a occupational therapy program (OT) as do the following schools: University of Indianapolis (OT), University of Southern Indiana (OT), Brown Mackie College-Ft. Wayne(OTA), Brown Mackie College-Merrillville (OTA), Brown Mackie College-South Bend (OTA) and Brown Mackie College-Indianapolis (OTA).

The OT (Occupational Therapist) programs will allow graduates to enter into their profession with a master's or doctoral degree. The OTA (Occupational Therapy Assistant) program generally offers the opportunity for students to earn an associate degree. These programs provide instruction in the area of human growth as well as in areas of social and emotional effects of injury and illness.

According to University of Southern Illinois literature, students completing the program will have an education in liberal arts and sciences, and will have been given the opportunity to experience the systems being used by current occupational therapy services. The program is designed to teach graduates to demonstrate both academic and professional acumen as they enter the workforce and come in contact with employers and patients.

Many occupational therapists in the state find it beneficial to obtain membership in an organization that will enable them to interact with other therapists. The Indiana Occupational Therapy Association is the perfect example of such an organization. The mission of the association is "to provide professional support for members in their use of purposeful and meaningful occupations to promote health, prevent disability and to enhance quality of life and life satisfaction in the community at large."