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Occupational Therapist Programs in Idaho

Patience is a virtue. This saying is definitely appropriate when talking about the profession of occupational therapy. Therapists must have patience and understanding because a client's rehabilitation is often not a fast and steady process where progression is easily seen and marked with each session. In fact, during the rehabilitation process, there are sometimes extended periods where little or no measureable progress is made toward reaching established goals. Even worse, there are times when patients will actually regress. While this can be frustrating for a therapist, imagine the emotional toll it takes on the person trying to regain his or her lost skills and abilities.

It is also important to note that therapy is not always a feel-good activity. Sure there should be moments of triumph as patients move forward, but the road can be a painful and challenging path. Sometimes, keeping patients motivated and wanting to continue will be a therapist's biggest obstacle. Everyone reacts to therapy a little differently. The job of the therapist is to recognize how the process is affecting each individual and proceed accordingly. Because of the many challenges associated with the position, potential occupational therapists should be certain that they have a passion for the job they are about to take on. They should first of all have a passion and appreciation for helping people, even when those people may appear less than appreciative. If a person has this passion and desire to help others, becoming a therapist can be a rewarding and life-changing experience.

For individuals looking to pursue a career in the state of Idaho, Idaho State University offers a program that allows successful students to earn a Master of Occupational Therapy degree with a bachelor's to master's entry option. A few characteristics of the program, which most students will find beneficial, are small class sizes, hands on clinical experiences and low cost.

Idaho can be a great place to study and live. The state is loaded with unspoiled scenes of nature. The rugged slopes and mountains and peaks are legendary and have been featured in westerns. The state also has large areas of timberland and waterway, including many placid lakes and untamed rivers and cascades. With so much water, it is no surprise that the land has some of the most amazing gorges in the country. The rivers, including the Clearwater and the Salmon, and the many lakes make the state a great place for fishermen to enjoy their sport. The forests and wild terrain also allow wildlife (particularly elk) to thrive, making the land a hunter's paradise. The state is a major temptation to campers and tourists in general looking to get a little closer to nature. The summers are hot and the higher elevations are often covered in snow during the winter months.

The capital city of Boise is good place to reconnect with the amenities not found in the wilderness. When it gets too cold outdoors, visitors and residents of the state can enjoy indoor activities such as shopping, visiting art galleries and museums, gambling at one of the local casinos or catching a show at one of the performing arts centers. Idaho is rugged, but it also has the up-to-date amenities and activities we have come to expect.