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Choosing Therapist Programs in Georgia

The chances of success and failure are in large part dependent on the training a person receives. As a famous collegiate basketball coach once said, "… Perfect practice makes for a perfect performance." That coach is John Wooden and he still holds the record for most NCAA basketball championships won by any coach, so maybe there is something to what he said. In terms of a career in occupational therapy, the practice takes place while potential therapists are in school and taking part in various training programs. The program chosen plays a major role in determining how a therapist will perform once he or she goes out into the "real" world and starts working in earnest. This is when the validity of a program is put to the test.

However, the program alone will not determine success or failure. There are certain characteristics that a good therapist must possess. A therapist must have the ability to adapt to changing situations and create an environment in which patients can be successful and reach their goals. The health-care worker must be able to gauge the emotional state and physical capacity of patients. Empathy and sympathy are two words that should be a part of the therapist's vocabulary and a part of his or her makeup. Any therapist must put the well-being of the patient first, and all that he or she does must be directed toward improving the patient's condition. This may seem obvious, but the obvious is often overlooked, and it is better to find out early on whether you have what it takes to do the job.

If you are looking for to enter the field of occupational therapy in the state of Georgia, the first step will be choosing from the various programs offered in this largely agricultural state, located in The Deep South. Nicknamed The Peach Sate, it goes without saying that peaches are a big part of the local economy. Georgia is comprised of many small towns where many families have lived for generation upon generation. Towns marked by farming, high school football and hunting. It has been said that citizens living in the rural areas of the state live at a different pace of life and in their own world. However, not all residents live this slower pace.

One need only look to the city of Atlanta to see that Georgians can keep in step with the rest of the country. While Atlanta is not as large as some US cities, it has virtually anything you would find in the nation's largest city—just maybe on a slightly smaller scale. The city has varied nightlife, multiple professional sports teams, including the very popular Atlanta Braves baseball team. The city also hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. The city of Savanna is also a popular tourist attraction in the state. It is particularly known for its St. Patrick's Day celebrations and waterfront scenery.

Some of the top occupational therapy programs in the state can be found at Brenau University in Gainesville, Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and Medical College of Georgia at Columbus State University in Columbus.