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How to Choose an Occupational Therapy Job in Colorado

When choosing an occupational therapy position, there are different factors that go into the decision making process. For many people, money is the primary factor. According to a report based on a recent survey, the average annual for salary for an occupational therapist is $87,000. It should come as no surprise that salary would be a contributing factor in choosing a job of any kind. However, an almost as commonly considered factor in choosing a position is location.

As many people seek to escape some of the negatives aspects of large cities, the United States has seen more and more citizens moving to less populated areas. However, that is not to say that everyone wants to live in a cabin in the middle of the woods far, far away from civilization. Actually, people are searching for a locale that can give them the best of both worlds—urban conveniences and rural tranquility. There are many states that offer this combination, but none offer scenery more spectacular than Colorado.

Colorado has long been known for some of the best skiing in the world. Popular resorts in tourist destinations such as Aspen and Breckenridge account for millions upon millions of dollars each year in the Rocky Mountain State. Whether or not a person is a skier, the mountains are a major attraction. There are few mountain ranges that rival the Rockies. They are in large part responsible for the perception of the state as a rugged frontier. This is the land of cowboys, buffalo and unspoiled nature. Even when one is in a large city within the state, the Rockies are a constant reminder that an escape from the congestion and noise of urban life is not so far away. And when you seek a night of dancing, fine dining, a shopping spree or a trip to a professional sports event, there are cities such as Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins waiting to accommodate those needs.

Once job seekers have decided they want to find an occupational job in Colorado, the first thing to do is find available positions. This can be done by checking the many websites that list job openings. The first question to answer before actively seeking a position is what is the determining factor? Is it more important to make the maximum amount of money or will salary take a backseat to location? Once this decision has been made the search process is much easier.

When money is the top factor, a general search of all the jobs available in the state will be the way to go. Find the top salaried positions regardless of location and introduce yourself to the hiring managers. This can be done by sending a resume or cover letter or by making a phone call. If a job has been advertised, the contact information and preferred method of contact will most likely be included in the information. Be sure to follow all instructions. Many employers weed out potential candidates based on their ability to follow directions. When location is the primary factor, the follow-up process is the same. The difference is that the initial search is concentrated.

Whether location or salary wins out, Colorado is a great place to look for an occupational therapy job.