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California Occupational Therapy Schools

There are a variety of reasons why a person might want to explore occupational therapy schools in California. For starters, and most obvious, many residents of the state want to stay near home and pursue their educations and future professions. Secondly, many students want to enjoy the sunshine and laid back life associated with the state. After all, the state is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Another reason to pursue an education in occupational therapy in California is the large number of schools in the state that offer quality therapy programs.

Here are just a few of the multitude of schools to choose from: California State University Dominguez Hills located in Carson. Dominican University of California located in San Rafael. Loma Linda University located in Loma Linda. Samuel Merritt University located in Oakland. San Jose State University located in San Jose. University of Southern California located in Los Angeles. University of St. Augustine located in San Marcos.

Regardless of the school students choose they should first learn what will be expected of them. The educational requirements will vary depending on whether a student is pursing the occupation therapy career on a professional or technical level. A professional-level education prepares individuals to become practicing therapists and a technical education prepares individuals to become assistants. Occupational therapists must complete a bachelor's degree and a professional master's degree or entry level doctoral degree. An occupational therapist assistant must acquire a two-year associate degree. Graduates at both levels will also be required to go through a period of supervised training and pass a national certification examination.

Planning ahead is very important when choosing a school because each school will have its own list of prerequisites. Some schools will expect student to have already completed certain levels of sciences such as biology, sociology and psychology. Many programs require that potential students show some proof of experience working with people with disabilities, and a record of volunteer work is also looked upon favorably if not required by most schools. To learn more about the schools that offer occupational therapy programs visit the AOTA website.

For those people who choose to pursue an education in occupational therapy in California they will find a state where many residents see warm and sunny weather for much of the year. The state is the home of Hollywood and the American motion picture industry. Whether more famous for its great climate or its numerous movie, television and sports stars; California is a magnet for vacationers. In addition to the country's second largest city, Los Angeles, the state has other beautiful and historic cities, such as San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego.

Next to Los Angeles, San Francisco is quite possibly the Golden State's most visited location by tourists. The historic city is filled with landmarks and is easily recognizable by its many hills lined with row houses of a particular look. The city has been the setting for many films and the for TV series Streets of San Francisco.

California is a great place to go to school, start a career and enjoy the beauty and adventure the state offers.