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Occupational Therapist in Alaska

So you want to be an occupational therapist and enjoy the beauty and wilderness of the great state of Alaska, well it doesn't have to be a pipe dream.

First things first, regardless of where you work, you must be qualified. If you are already a practicing therapist you know what it takes to get qualified, but for the person considering studying to become an occupational therapist, here are some things he or she should be aware of before hand.

Being a good and effective therapist means an individual will have to go beyond the technical skills and knowledge learned in the classroom and in training. Every individual is different. Thus a therapist must take this into consideration each time he or she interacts with a patient. For example, one may find that some patients will respond to gentle persuasion and encouragement. These individuals are eager to get better and do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

On the other side of the coin are the patients who for one reason or another lack motivation. Some of these individuals may even be hostile to the idea of therapy and to the therapist. In such cases, gentleness may not work as well. A stern approach may work better for these patients. However, it will be up to the therapist to analyze the situation and determine how to best proceed to reach the desired outcome.

Therapists must be sympathetic and it's even better if they can be empathetic. Even when therapists have not been through the exact situation that their patients are experiencing, they can make an effort to recall a similar life experience. Everyone has had to overcome obstacles of one sort or another. Regaining strength, mobility and general body function after a stroke is not the same as recovering from a sprained muscle or broken bone, but all these challenges involve regaining something that was loss. A therapist should draw on life experiences to connect and get a sense of what the patient is going through.

Once an individual decides that this profession is the right one, Alaska is a good place to look for a job. For the outdoors lover, Alaska is a virtual paradise. No, it's not known for beaches lined with tourists, but it is a great place to get close to nature and appreciate some of the areas of the United States that have been less disturbed by civilization. The Alaskan landscape is filled with undisturbed forest, and within that forest area one can find a multitude of wildlife. Bears--polar, grizzly, brown and black, are some of the most popular inhabitants of the Alaskan country. The enormous salmon runs are also epic attractions of the state.

And of course, one cannot think of the 49th state without having images of snow covered mountains pop to mind. Alaska is a state filled with adventure, and for the occupational therapist seeking to take part in that adventure, a visit to the state website is a good place to start. There, one can learn more about the state and its job opportunities.