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Occupational Therapy Jobs in Alabama

The demand for occupational therapists is increasing throughout the country, and the state of Alabama is no exception.

Therapy is a means by which people recovering for injury or illness regain function of their natural movements. More and more people are looking to enter the field of occupational therapy through which they can help patients regain skills they have loss and in turn regain their independence and a better quality of life.

If you are in the state of Alabama and qualify as an occupational therapist, physical therapist or speech language pathologist then consulting an agency may be exactly what the doctor ordered. There are different staffing agencies that match occupational therapists with available positions. One advantage of using an agency when seeking a job is that the company will more than likely have a variety of vacancies that it is attempting to fill.

Agencies are the alternative to looking through classifieds or individual postings on job sites, which can prove time consuming and at times frustrating. By making yourself available to an agency, you form a partnership that gives you a better chance at success than you would have working toward this goal without help.

One of the largest therapy staffing agencies operating in the Southern United States, Cobb Pediatric Therapy Services, is now helping workers and patients in Alabama find one another. It may be easier to find local agencies if you are in the areas of Birmingham, Mobile or Montgomery. However, the objective is to find a job that is close enough for you to accept the position. Listings for agencies can easily be found by doing a general search online.

Another avenue for therapists looking for work is to become a member of the Alabama Occupational Therapy Association (ALOTA). Members of this organization include occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and individuals currently in school and studying to enter the therapy profession. Another important group represented in this association is corporate sponsors. These are companies that employ individuals in the profession.

So in short, ALOTA is a great place for networking, and learning about open jobs. Membership in the organization is maintained by paying an annual fee. However, most members feel that the benefits gained from affiliation with the organization are well worth the monetary price of membership.

Whether you are already living in Alabama or looking for a job so you can relocate to the area, the state offers some pleasant attractions. Unknown to the casual observer, the northern section of the state has a wealth of mountainous areas. This can provide a place to retreat from the intense heat that accompanies the summers in this Southern state. Another popular destination during the summer months is the area known as the River Region. This mostly eastern area is highlighted by the land that borders the well-known Gulf of Mexico.

The most populous enclaves are located in the middle of the state, and, as mentioned earlier, this is the region more likely to have the occupational therapy job you are looking for. Alabama has much to offer, including therapy jobs.