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Occupational Therapy Salaries

Average Occupational Therapist Salary:

The average salary in the United States for a full time occupational therapist is currently approximately $56,00 per year. Those individuals who have advanced degrees or training certifications may sometimes make as much as $60,000 per year or more. Most positions will also provide great benefits, particular if one works for the state or government in some facet. Salaries do tend to increase somewhat each year, and it is believed that the average salary for this occupation will increase about one thousand dollars per year.

Things That Affect Salary:

Of course, it is possible for different factors to increase or decrease the amount of one’s yearly salary as an occupational therapist. Where an individual works, for example, plays a big role. The highest paying jobs in the field tend to be those located in hospitals, large group homes or rehabilitation centers, school systems, state owned agencies or centers, and government owned agencies or centers. Those who work inoccupational therapist teaching child occupational therapy in an administrative (not hands on) position can also expect to earn more than the average salary. Lesser paying jobs tend to be those in which the therapist provides in home care through an agency or in smaller or lesser known group homes or rehabilitation centers. Taking lesser paying jobs right out of a college or training program is not always a bad idea, however, as these can help individuals to gain the experience necessary to qualify for a higher paying position.

Another factor that can have an effect on salary is one’s education or training. Those with higher level degrees will automatically earn more money than those with lower level degrees or certifications. Those who have had specific training in the exact area where they choose to work or come with high recommendations from the school or program are more likely to earn more money. Likewise, the more experience one has in the field and the more impressive the place where the experience took place will have an effect on salary. Working in a large, well known hospital or for a state owned agency in the past, for example, are great resume builders that can lead to a higher than average salary no matter where one chooses to work.

Finally the location of one’s workplace is also very important. Occupational therapists who work in large towns or cities are more likely to have a higher than average salary than those who work in smaller towns. Any area that has a high demand for occupational therapists will also pay more, no matter where it happens to be located.

In the end, however, this is not a job that one should go into if his or her only purpose is to make money. Occupational therapy requires dedicated, committed individuals who care about their clients and are determined to help them make substantial progress in their lives.