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Choosing the right Massage Therapy programs in West Virginia

For anyone who has ever had to decide where they were going to college, the thought of choosing a massage therapy program in West Virginia probably brings back many memories. How did you go about choosing a school when it was time to choose to continue your education? Did you simply wait to see where your closest friends were headed and followed behind? Maybe location was a deciding factor, or maybe it was the size of the school… There are many reasons to choose a particular school or educational program.

With massage therapy being one of the fastest growing professions in the country there are more and more individuals trying to choose from the more and more options that are being offered by more and more schools. Many online schools are popping up and promoting the various benefits of their programs. There are approximately 1000 schools that offer some type of massage therapy programs. How do you decide? First, individuals entering the field of massage therapy should have a good idea of where they want their careers to take them. In other words, if you only know that you want to be a massage therapist then it's time to start researching.

There are over 80 types of recognized massage types. Learning all 80 is not to be recommended and for most people probably not possible. Research, and narrow the field down to a workable number. Five sounds like a good place to start. Then decide where you want to practice your profession and study the requirement for certification in that state and city or town. In this case, find all you can about acquiring certification in West Virginia.

Take a look at the requirements for entry into the programs that offer the areas of study you are interested in and that are accredited and approved by the state of West Virginia. Once you have done this, consider the amount of money you want to pay. Certain institutions are cheaper and some will offer more financial aid than others. The difference in prices can be substantial, and the better programs are not necessarily more expensive. Programs can run in length from six months to two years. Decide how long you want to train and study, and more importantly how long you will need to train and study to reach your goals. The training offered in six months will not be the same as that offered over a two-year period.

And this one is worth repeating. Before starting any program, be certain that it is approved by the governing body of the state in which you want to practice. You do not want to complete a massage therapist training program and then learn that that program will not allow you to get certified in West Virginia.

In accord with West Virginia state law, all people employed in massage therapy in the state must be certified by the West Virginia Massage Therapy Licensure Board. Individuals must "demonstrate to the board their education, understanding of state laws and regulations."

Don't rush the process. Take the time to review all the options and make the best possible choice based on the information at hand.