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Utah Massage Therapy Certification

Is there a better place than Utah to study to be a massage therapist and hone your on-the-slope skills at the same time? Well if this picturesque state is not number one on that imaginary list, it surely isn't far behind. The state has 14 downhill ski resorts and they rank with the top resorts in the world. One of the leading attractions of the Utah slopes, which are usually open from mid-November through April, is the deep dry snow. Also the resorts are nestled in the high mountains creating an almost picture-perfect setting for skiing and enjoying nature. So does massage therapy in the state compare to the skiing?

There are many schools now offering what seem to be unrealistic claims when it comes to massage therapy. From the amount of money graduating students can expect to learn to the amount of time it takes to complete a massage therapy training program to the percentage of graduating student who are employed within a month of graduation. Sometimes it is difficult to sort through all the claims and arrive at the truth. That's why rather than sorting through the claims, it should be easier and more revealing to examine what we can confirm about massage therapy and what it takes to become a therapist in the state of Utah, which may or may not have the best combination of skiing and massage therapy training.

According to various studies from various labor departments throughout the country, massage therapy is a growing occupation. Virtually, every state is predicted to see an increase in job opportunities in this field for the next five to eight years and currently massage therapists in Utah can find opening in spas, medical facilities, fitness centers and they can start their own practices. Also there are job opportunities on cruise ships. Massage therapists have a good range of job environments to choose from and on average earn considerably more than the average salary.

So what about the claims regarding how long it will take to earn a degree in massage therapy, are they realistic? In Utah, before being considered for licensure by the Massage Therapy Board at the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing a potential massage therapist must be able to provide evidence showing that he completed at least 600 hours of course work from an accredited massage therapist training program. There is no regulation on how quickly these 600 hours may be completed, but any accredited institution should have a relatively even pace of study designed for students to have time to fully comprehend the coursework and retain it. Students must also pass the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Examination or the MBLEx before applying for licensure.

Once the 600 hours are completed, the exam passed and all applicable fees paid, all forms filled out and all documents verified applicants can submit there requests for licensure in the state of Utah. Once the applicants' information is reviewed, if it found to be satisfactory then they will be certified by Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing - Board of Massage Therapy and given licenses to practice massage therapy in Utah.