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Massage therapist salary in Oregon

There are some areas of the country that are more receptive to massage therapy than others. The west coast in general is a region more likely to embrace new ways of thinking and this accepting nature is apparent in many Oregon communities. Because there are more people who believe in the benefits of massage in Oregon, the demand for therapists is higher in this coastal state and practicing therapists can earn an above average salary there.

By no means is the use of massage new. Paintings in Egyptian tombs are believed to depict people practicing massage. The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine was written in 2700 B.C. and recommends the use of massage to treat certain illnesses and symptoms. As you can see, massage therapy may not have been classified back then as it is today but there in no doubt the foundation for the techniques therapists use today were in use at various times in history. The use of massage has increased and waned in various societies throughout history, but in most Asian societies the practice has been a steady and continuous method of medical treatment.

In the U.S., massage has received a less than reputable image because of illegal massage parlors that have sprung up across the country. There are still many people who associate massage with an illegal or unsavory act, rather than seeing it as a form of medical treatment, health enhancement or relaxation. Thankfully, the perception of massage seems to have begun changing on the west coast initially and has now spread throughout the country as more and more doctors and medical professionals have recommended the use of the practice. Massage is commonly practiced within hospitals on intensive care patients, mothers and babies (especially premature babies). Massages are also commonly prescribed for stroke, heart attacks and AIDS patients.

In Oregon, people commonly use massage therapy as a means of maintaining health and relieving soreness, stiffness and general stress. Basically, massage at its simplest is a way to feel better. As stated, over the last two or three decades, patients in the U.S. and Oregon have begun to see and take advantage of the benefits of massage as a medical tool. In order to measure the value of an item, art or service, examine the monetary value society places on it. This is definitely relevant in a capitalistic society. So what value does Oregon place on massage therapy?

In Oregon, the average salary for a physical therapist is approximately $62,000 a year. A licensed massage therapist can expect to earn approximately $51,000 a year on average. A non-certified massage therapist earns on average $41,000 a year. With experience and additional training, these salaries can increase significantly. As a rule, one should be prepared to pay $65 to $75 an hour for a massage in Oregon. Different types of massages will vary in price, but most massages are similarly priced.

The state of Oregon offers many opportunities for outdoors' lovers and those who prefer the accommodations of city living as well. Thus it is a good place for massage therapists to ear livings and enjoy the non-working hours too.