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Massage Therapy careers in Oklahoma

Massage therapy is a growing profession in most parts of the United States, including in Oklahoma.

While the larger cities in the state offer numerous hospitals, clinics, spas and salons for therapists to work in and build there careers, smaller towns and communities are also places where therapists can find work. Massage therapy may be sought out by people in need of relaxation. There are clients at spas and salons who go for a weekly massage. This is common. There are also members of fitness centers who have a massage after every workout. These two groups account for a large percentage of massage therapists' cliental.

There are other groups who seek out massage therapists. Many people with illnesses or injuries seek the services of massage therapists. Often, these people want to use massage as a means of confronting the pain and discomfort associated with their illnesses or injuries. These potential clients come from all walks of life and all parts of Oklahoma. A hip injury is as likely to occur in Adair as it is to occur in Oklahoma City. Injury and illness are a part of every community and thus the services of therapists will always be called upon to aid patients.

Therapists can treat the symptoms of many diseases and injuries with an extensive list of massage types and techniques, including these massages: deep tissue Swedish, Thai, shiatsu, pregnancy, facial, neuromuscular therapy, spinal therapy … the list goes on and on. The point is that there are many services offered by massage therapists and there are people across the state in need of these services.

Massage therapists working in medical facilities, spas, salons and other store front operations receive customers based on company advertising, recommendations and word of mouth. For example, therapists working in hospitals are more than likely going to have a steady flow of cliental simply because patients in hospitals provide an expansive source of cliental. This can also be said for therapists working in well-occupied gyms and fitness centers.

While Oklahoma has no state guidelines or regulations for certification of massage therapists, therapists who have graduated from accredited massage therapy programs are more likely to be used by medical facilities and by recreational and fitness facilities that employ massage therapists. The rate charged by therapists can vary significantly since there is no governing board to regulate prices. However, here are some numbers that give an idea of what the services of a therapist will cost.

At the bottom end of the scale, a massage may start at a price of $25 for a half hour. Therapists will often give slight discounts on hourly rates when compared to two half-hour sessions. A basic massage (in the U.S. this is usually a Swedish massage) will cost in the neighborhood of $55-$65 in Oklahoma. Again these numbers are not binding and the prices therapists charge should not be automatically seen as an indication of their skills of education. Many certified therapists charge less than therapists with no certification or formal massage therapy education.