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Massage Therapy licensing in North Carolina

In a state with a population as small as North Dakota, finding the right niche for employment is extremely important. One profession that shows signs of expanding throughout the U.S. and in North Dakota is massage therapy.

The Sioux State, Flickertail State, Peace Garden State, Rough Rider State; regardless of what you call the territory, with a population less than one million, the state of North Dakota has plenty of open spaces to roam and a finicky job market to boot. Anyone interested in starting a career in this state should first investigate what the various communities are in need of in terms of professionals. A glance at some of the larger cities such as Fargo (pop. 90,672), Bismarck (pop. 57,377), Grand Fork (pop. 49,792), Minot (pop. 34,984) and West Fargo (19,487); and an examination of their job markets should give a good indication of the best careers to pursue within the state.

While the estimates for the number of people employed as massage therapists in North Dakota are not large, the number of therapists in the state is predicted to increase by as much as 10 percent over the next five years. Currently, any occupation that is showing a trend of increasing positions is worth taking a closer look at. For those individuals who do decide to pursue massage therapy in the Sioux State, there are a few things of which they should be aware.

The practice of massage is complex in the sense that there are many types of massages and learning various forms will take time and work. Also, this is a profession that will call for many hours of classroom work in addition to practical training. The North Dakota Board of Massage Therapy currently requires at least 750 hours of class work. In addition to earning a degree, potential therapists must pass both a written and practical exam. By no means, is this an occupation to be entered into lightly.

Therapists are entrusted with the responsibility of helping patients deal with various medical problems that may be causing stress and pain. Therapists will use various types and degrees of pressure and other techniques and aids such as oils to help alleviate stress and pain and enhance the overall condition of patients. Therapists may also be required to keep detailed reports on patients' care as well as being required to access patients' histories and perform treatment accordingly.

This being said, massage therapy can be a great career for individuals who have a compassion for other people and who want to help others deal with challenging and often limiting medical conditions. It bears noting at this point that not all clients will have injuries or stress brought on by illnesses. Many people seek the skills of massage therapists for relaxation and continued wellness.

In either case, the field is expanding in North Dakota, so if you are seeking a less populated area in which to practice health inducing skills, a career as a massage therapist in the rustic and rugged North Dakota may be for you.