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What types of Massage therapists are in New York

It is not enough to say you want a massage and automatically have a therapist know what you have in mind. In fact, there are numerous variations in massage therapy and different types of massage therapists, and rest assured you should be able to find them all in New York.

Unless you have done a bit of research, you may not be aware of exactly what type of massage will work best for your needs. This article should give you an idea of what some of the most popular massages have to offer. When all is said, the best way to find the right massage is to try several and see which ones deliver what you are looking for.

Here is a technique you may not have heard of—shiatsu. This massage involves the therapist using fingers to apply a firm and in rhythm pressure. The word shiatsu is Japanese and means finger pressure. Both shiatsu and acupuncture have roots based in traditional Chinese medicine, which teaches that illness is the result of an uneven or disturbed flow of natural energy within the body. While soreness is common after a massage that discomfort is less common with this Asian technique.

Thai massage is similar to shiatsu in that it is designed to balance the energies with the body and it does this by accessing certain pressure points. However, beyond these similarities, Thai massage is much different. This technique is like a combination of exercises and massage, only the therapist is moving your limbs. If you want to close your eyes and not move this may not be the right massage for you, but if you're looking for something more exhilarating then Thai massage may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

You should have no problems finding a massage therapist who performs Swedish massage. This is a fairly common technique, and in the U.S. it is often referred to as a basic massage or simply a massage. When someone says she is going to get a massage and does not offer any more detail, there's a good chance she is seeing a therapist who gives Swedish massages, which are heavy in kneading techniques and often incorporate the use of oils and lotions.

Speaking of oils, some therapists have taken the benefits of aromatherapy and combined them with massage. Aromatherapy uses essential or natural oils that come from plants and herbs to treat the body. This use of oils stems from ancient societies that based much of their medicinal techniques on the use of these oils. The therapist uses the oils as part of the massage. Lavender, which has been shown to help in the healing of burns, is one of the most often used oils.

Hot stone massage therapists, as the name indicates, use smooth stones to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance the body's energies. This is a light massage, especially when compared to a deep tissue massage. Therapists giving deep tissue massages apply strong pressure and deliver the massage using slower strokes to create greater friction. These therapists are popular with athletes.

This is not a complete list. There are other types of massages and therapists and you can find them all in the Empire State.