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Can I get a Massage Therapy degree online in New Mexico

Earning a massage therapy degree online in New Mexico is possible and preferable to traditional learning for many state residents.

The abundance of degrees offered online is remarkable. Distant-learning schools are quickly meeting the demands of New Mexico residents who want to continue their educational careers. Students straight out of high school and adults looking to restart an educational pursuit after being out of school for an extended period are taking advantage of online courses. The lure of online learning is powerful for individuals who want to expand their opportunities and choices but are uncomfortable with or do not feel they can make the time for attending classes on a campuses each week. Many people using online services to advance their education are fully employed adults working 40 hours a week and taking care of families. Massage therapy is literally a hands-on profession and this characteristic of the occupation would seem to make it less accommodating, if not impossible, for online learning. However, there is much more to massage therapy than practical experience. Many hours of classroom time are required for therapists. In New Mexico at least 165 hours of anatomy and physiology are necessary for anyone wishing to be considered for licensure in the state. These 165 hours will incorporate the study of kinesiology and pathology.

The state requires 150 hours of massage therapy instruction that must include contraindications, 75 hours of general instruction that incorporates Hydrotherapy, Business, Professional Ethics, a minimum of four hours of First Aid and a minimum of four of current CPR. The state also requires 250 hours of electives, which can include up to 150 hours of clinical work. Most of the requirements can be completed online.

Before registering with an online school, students who want to practice in New Mexico should confirm that the school and its programs meet the requirements outlined by the sate of New Mexico. Yes, there are numerous schools outside of the state that meet New Mexico's education standards for a practicing physical therapist, but not all of them fall into this category, and thus it makes sense to check this point early. Therapists receiving degrees from outside the state will be required to present additional documentation and verification in conjunction with degrees when they apply for licensure in New Mexico.

This extra documentation process includes filling out a form listing the courses and hours completed as part of an earned degree. This application is presented to the New Mexico Massage Therapy Board, which regulates all aspects of the massage therapy practice within the borders of the state. The board will also need verification that the school from which the degree was earned is accredited and licensed to provide massage therapy programs. Therapists licensed to work in other states must complete many of the same steps if they received a degree from a school outside of New Mexico.

Online learning can provide students with the educational/classroom requirements to practice in New Mexico. However, students must be sure to get all the necessary practical work and be prepared to document and verify all this information.