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Where do massage therapists work in Missouri

The state of Missouri has an affordable cost of living, excellent health and education resources and plenty of things to do (sports, recreation, and other top attractions). These are just a few of the reasons why a job in massage therapy is a great idea in the state of Missouri. Another reason why this career is a popular option in this state is that massage therapists in Missouri make an average income that is four percent higher than the national average. According to Indeed.com, a massage therapist in Missouri will make an average annual salary of approximately $69,000.

A massage therapist in Missouri could work in a variety of different settings, providing massages for several different mental and physical conditions working with a diverse clientele. For that reason, many Missouri MTs are becoming involved in the field because they appreciate the flexible schedule, the versatile options and exceptional pay.

If you are considering a massage therapist career in Missouri -- it helps to have an idea of the places where you might work, before deciding on massage therapy as your lifelong career. Keep reading to find out where a massage therapist, who lives in your state, might work.

  • A Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) could work in a nursing home, helping elderly clients to relieve stress, depression or a number of other ailments and conditions.
  • A Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) in Missouri might work in a sports medicine facility providing therapeutic relief to athletes who have sustained injuries or even, working at the University of St. Louis in Missouri with the Tritons or with the St. Louis University Billikens using Sports Massage techniques to help to relieve the pain of recent sports injuries.
  • A Massage Therapist that has received the appropriate training may work in a children's medical center primarily with children who have autism or other specialized conditions.
  • A Licensed MT in Missouri might work in a high-class health spa providing Swedish massages, and hot stone techniques, to an extensive client-base -- primarily to women in their 20s, 30s and 40s.
  • An MT who lives and works in Missouri may work in a massage clinic, salon or resort as a Certified MT practicing modern and ancient forms of massage such as, Shiatsu (Chinese massage), acupuncture and more.
  • A Massage Therapist in the state of Missouri could start their own practice, by setting up sessions from their own home or by visiting the client's homes to provide relaxing in-home massages to a familiar client-base.

Whether your career takes a turn towards sports medicine, and you're working with the Rams or even, the Cardinals OR if you decide you'd like to work in a local spa providing Swedish massages to sophisticated clients -- a job as a massage therapist in Missouri can be versatile and fun. If you're interested in finding out where your career as an MT can take you -- contact the massage therapy regulating office -- the Missouri State Board of Therapeutic Massage, Division of Professional Registration to find out information about the requirements/regulations for working as a massage therapist in the state of Missouri.