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Day in the life of a massage therapist in Michigan

Michigan is a great place to live, especially for those who enjoy all four seasons, and the natural beauty of nature combined with a booming commerce industry -- where there's always something to do. "The Wolverine State" is also a great place to work, especially for individuals involved in a career as a massage therapist.

You probably already know that MTs give massages. However, you may not know what a typical day would be like for a massage therapist in Michigan. Learn more about a "Day in the life of a massage therapist in Michigan" by reading the following information.

A career in massage therapy in Michigan is extremely flexible. Therefore, it's difficult to describe a typical day for an MT in Michigan. For instance, a massage therapist in Michigan who owns his or her own business can have a few days out of the week that are extremely busy with a hectic or chaotic schedule and they can also have several days where business is slower and they are able to have a more relaxed pace to their day. While those who work for a spa, salon, clinic, hospital or other business other than a private practice, typically have a more regular schedule every week.

For our "day in the life", we'll describe a typical day for Dan, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who graduated from a board-approved school, received his license to practice in Michigan and soon after, started his own business working out of his three bedroom home.

Dan appreciates the freedom of setting his own schedule, but doesn't appreciate it when clients forget their appointments or fail to reschedule. So, Dan has set up a two-hour cancellation period -- if the client doesn't call to cancel within two hours of the appointment, they forfeit their session. Dan has to explain to his clients in a non-offensive and ethical way, which can complicate matters because many of Dan's clients have multi-session packages.

Dan takes at least 30 minutes prior to the appointment to prepare for each client. During that time, Dan sets up the room for the client by changing the linens, pulling the client's file, prepping the products, selecting the right music and lighting candles. Dan's sessions typically, last for 30 to 60 minutes although; he does perform 90 minutes sessions for clients, who need additional healing.

Dan continues to enjoy his chosen career path as a massage therapist in the Great Lakes state and likes the weekends spent at Lake Michigan with his family. He loves the variety and flexibility of setting his own schedule and working at his own pace. He also appreciates spending time working with clients that he has built a solid relationship with, as well.

If you think you'd enjoy a career as a massage therapist in Michigan -- you can start by asking about any special requirements in your city and within the state; finding a school that meets your local area's qualifications; and enrolling in an approved massage therapy program at a school that meets your needs in Michigan.