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Massachusetts Massage Therapist Daily Tasks

If you live in Massachusetts and you're thinking about a career in massage therapy -- you may be curious about the daily tasks of an MT. There are a variety of different environments where a Massage Therapist can work within the state of Massachusetts. While the duties of a Massage Therapist in Massachusetts vary according to their work environment, some of these daily tasks remain constant. In the following information, we will provide you with an idea of what a Massachusetts Massage Therapist does on a day-to-day basis.

Day in the Life: Massachusetts Massage Therapist

Not every MT in Massachusetts will conduct his or her day in the exact same way. While an independent, MT may have the freedom to set their own schedule, and other benefits of being your own boss -- they may experience problems with filling their appointment books or keeping a consistent clientele. Massage therapists in Massachusetts who work in spas and beauty parlors may have to conform to a tighter schedule; however, as long as they maintain a professional quality they will have consistent pay. MTs working in Massachusetts hospitals or within the medical field typically will have hectic schedules that change from one day to the next. However, MTs who work in the medical field are the highest paid MTs in the state.

It's probably clear to see that the lifestyle a Massachusetts Massage Therapist will have is largely based on the type of career they choose. Therefore, individuals who are interested in beginning a career in massage therapy should take time to carefully consider the type of life they want to have, as far as their schedule is concerned -- in order to determine which type of massage therapy career they should choose.

Daily Tasks for an MT in Massachusetts

  • Greet clients -- Be on time for appointments
  • Talk to each client about their needs -- Discuss why they are there and why they chose massage therapy
  • Setting the environment, ambiance and mood -- Set up products and equipment (prior to the appointment), light candles (some clients like certain smells, a good MT will find out what their "regulars" like), play soft music, etc.
  • Give the massage -- Talk to the client, if he or she prefers

Keep in mind, Massage Therapists who own their own business may spend a great deal of time in driving to client's homes or preparing their own home for the client. While MTs who work for an established business will have to deal with stricter rules, and squeeze any work into their employer's schedule.

While this is not a comprehensive list of the daily tasks of MTs in Massachusetts, but it is a general summary of what a Massachusetts MT is expected to do. One of the most important aspects to becoming a Massage Therapist is feeling comfortable where you work. The best way to do this is by making an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Before determining whether a career path in the field of massage therapy is right for you -- it's best to examine and consider every option within the field, and then, proceed in making the best decision for you.