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Massage Therapy Jobs in Kentucky

Many people who are living in Kentucky are fighting stress and anxiety, every day. According to experts, more than 80 to 90 percent of all diseases are the result of stress. Any person living in Kentucky who is suffering from these (and other) ailments would benefit from massage therapy, in its many different forms.

Massage and bodywork is the all-natural "miracle" solution for fighting stress and keeping our entire bodies healthy and energized, yet soothed and relaxed. Massage is known, not only to relax the body and decrease stress and anxiety, but this healing art can lower blood pressure, speed up the healing process when recovering from an injury, increase circulation, promote healthy sleep, fight fatigue and improve concentration (among many other benefits).

In order to work as a massage therapist in the state of Kentucky, hopeful MTs will need to complete the requirements of the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy in order to practice within the state. The requirements in Kentucky include 600 hours of training/education at an accredited school, passing either the NCETMB or an NCCA-approved certifying exam; and completing 24 hours of continued education units (CEUs) every two years (biennially).

There are a wide variety of places for Massage Therapists to practice in the state of Kentucky. Newly licensed MTs have a long list of options to choose from including, opening their own private practice or working in day spas, hotels, health clubs, hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and much more. A massage therapy career in Kentucky that is related to the medical field will likely, require additional schooling such as, a Masters or Doctoral Degree in Massage Therapy. However, massage therapy positions in the medical field; typically pay considerably more than an MT career related to general practice.

The demand for MTs in Kentucky seems to keep growing, and the salaries for MTs in Kentucky, represent that demand. While the cost of living is low in the state of Kentucky, trained Massage Therapists continue to see an increase in terms of income. In 2010, Massage Therapists in Louisville earned approximately $45,000; MTs in Bowling Green had an average income of $51,000; and Lexington MTs earned around $52,000 annually. Within a year, the average annual income for MTs in these KY cities has increased impressively. On February 10, 2011, Indeed.com reported that a Massage Therapist in Louisville would earn an average income of $51,000 per year; an MT in Bowling Green could earn a median salary of $67,000 (a $16,000 average increase!) and Lexington MTs were earning an average of $60,000 per year.

The options for working as a Massage Therapist in Kentucky are virtually limitless. Certified or Licensed MTs in Kentucky have options in regards to where they want to work, when they want to work (MTs who own their own private practice are able to set their own hours), who they'd prefer to work with and what they would like to specialize in, as well (sports massage, medical massage, etc.). Don't wait another minute, start a career you'll love as a Massage Therapist in Kentucky.