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What are the wages of Massage therapists in Kansas

Massage therapy is growing increasingly more appreciated throughout the United States, especially in a state such as, Kansas. Each year, the demand for Massage Therapists (MTs) gets higher and higher and more and more MTs are needed in Kansas each year. As of, February 15th in 2010, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in the United States alone, there were more than 51,000 Massage Therapists. According to the report, more than 600 of that total number of MTs are from Kansas. At that time, the national average salary for Massage Therapist was $53,000 and the average in Kansas was 12 percent lower than the national at just $47,000 per year.

Today, however, the average annual income for MTs in Kansas has risen to $59,000 and it is expected to keep rising. In fact, Kansas is gaining speed in the race against the national average and is now just ten percent lower than the national average salary for MTs. (Source: Indeed.com)

The salary a Massage Therapist earns in Kansas is dependent on his or her level of education/experience, their chosen field, where they work - type of business and city, and more. However, we have compiled some information that will provide hopeful MTs with an idea of what to expect, as far as compensation for massage therapy and salary variations for Massage Therapists in Kansas.

Find out how and why a job in massage therapy in Kansas can be a rewarding career.

Massage Therapist Salary in Kansas

The average salary for MTs in Kansas tends to be higher in more populated areas, while smaller suburbs typically, have a lower average salary for Massage Therapists. In the following chart, we will list some of the metropolitan cities in Kansas and the salary for MTs in each city -- cities are listed alphabetically. ]

  • Kansas City $41,000
  • Lawrence $40,000
  • Lenexa $41,000
  • Manhattan $43,000
  • Olathe $41,000
  • Overland Park $41,000
  • Salina $41,000
  • Shawnee $41,000
  • Topeka $44,000
  • Wichita $47,000

(Source: Indeed.com 2/2010)

MT Salary in Kansas: By Level of Experience/Education

A Massage Therapist's salary in Kansas is also based on a person's level of experience and education. Therefore, an MT that completes his or her bachelors or masters degree in Kansas will logically, make more income per year than someone with an Associates degree or no degree, at all.

The same holds true with experience within the field, as well. According to Indeed.com, the average annual salary for a Massage Therapist "in training" with no experience was reported to be around $51,000, while a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) can earn $55,000 and up.

A career in massage therapy in Kansas is not only financially rewarding, but it can be emotionally and spiritually rewarding, as well. Helping others is good for the soul, so if you enjoy helping people, you enjoy science and learning about the body and you like using your hands -- you may discover that a job as a Massage Therapist would be perfect for you.