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Things to consider when becoming a massage therapist in Indiana

Indiana's massage therapy industry continues to grow. The field of massage therapy, particularly in Indiana offers a variety of opportunities to those interested in this promising career. If you are interested in getting involved in the career of helping people feel better through massage and the healing power of touch -- you may be wondering, "Is a career in massage therapy, right for me?"

There are several different factors to consider when you decide to become a massage therapist in Indiana. Here are a few things to think about before deciding to become an MT in Indiana:

FACT: Science and science-related subjects is a useful tool in the field of massage therapy.

While most MT training programs in Indiana don't require college experience, it helps to have knowledge in a broad range of subjects, especially those related to science. Helpful courses for high school students to take include anatomy, science and physiology. If you have prior knowledge of the human body and its functions -- you may have more success in your future career as a massage therapist.

FACT: Massage therapists don't have to be muscular, just healthy.

Although many MT hopefuls may be discouraged because they may not have a lot of upper body strength -- it's really not a requirement for this job. Massage therapy schools in Indiana will teach students how to use their own bodies and power to apply pressure where its needed. The only physical requirement to do this line of work is that the MT must be physically fit and healthy.

FACT: Massage therapists in Indiana have a variety of options, in terms of where they can work.

While most MTs are sole practitioners, any Indiana resident who is certified in massage therapy has the option to work anywhere they want from spas, hotels and wellness centers to rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine centers and nursing homes.

FACT: Indiana massage therapists have opportunities to earn competitive wages.

According to Indeed.com, the city in Indiana where MTs are paid the highest average salary is Gary where massage therapists can make $60,000 per year or higher, which is considerably higher than the national average salary for MTs, which is around $45,000 per year. Fort Wayne and South Bend are the second highest with an average annual salary at $47,000. Additionally, Indiana MTs who are living and working in the capital city can make $44,000 per year.

FACT: MTs in Indiana can work in any demographic they choose. Massage therapy is a rather versatile career choice. Certified/Licensed Massage Therapists in Indiana can decide whether they want to work with infants at St. Vincent's Hospital, offer massage services in the medical field at Wishard or provide sports massages to college or pro athletes at Conseco Fieldhouse or the RCA Dome. In the state of Indiana, licensed massage therapists can even work with animals -- if they prefer working with furry friends instead of humans. Regardless of your interests, Indiana MTs are guaranteed to find a job working with any primary demographic that they choose.

FACT: Massage therapy in Indiana is constantly, changing and growing -- therefore, Indiana MTs have the opportunity to learn and utilize new massage therapy techniques that are being practiced in various parts of the world.

Those training to become a massage therapist in Indiana will have a chance to learn the newest massaging techniques to use in their own practice. Some of the newest specialties in massage therapy include Shiatsu, hot stone therapy and reflexology.