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Massage Therapist Programs in Idaho

Massage therapy is becoming increasingly more accepted by the medical field. This fact is particularly true in Idaho where therapeutic massage therapy for patients and rehabilitative massage therapy are quickly gaining popularity. Massage therapists who live and work in Idaho and have chosen a specialized MT career such as, providing services in conjunction with the medical field --may find themselves working in a hospital, in a sports medicine center, chiropractor's office or other doctor's office or offering personal service to clients. While an MT in Idaho without specialized, experience can work independently or rent space in another type of non-clinical setting such as, a spa, hotel, resort or salon. If you're curious about massage therapist programs in the state of Idaho -- you've come to the right place.

Becoming a Massage Therapist in Idaho

While most states require MTs to be licensed -- the state of Idaho does not regulate massage therapy and therefore, MTs in this state are not required to obtain a license to practice within the state. However, it is in the best interest of both the massage therapist (for educational, professional and networking purposes) and the therapist's clientele (for quality assurance) for the MT to take courses through an Idaho massage therapy school that offers clinical experience.

Typically, the only requirement for acceptance into massage therapy school is a high school diploma or GED equivalent certification. However, Idaho high school students who are hoping to start a career in massage therapy may want to consider taking career-related courses including, anatomy, business practices and physiology.

Renewal Requirements in Idaho

Professional MTs in Idaho need to stay "in the know" in regards to new types of massage and new technologies used for massage purposes. Massage therapists in Idaho are required to complete 48 hours of continued education units or CEUs, every four years. The 48 hour courses includes six hours of ethics courses, two hours on Standard V (Boundaries and Roles), and CEUs need to be taken at an NCBTMB-approved school.

Idaho MTs who are due for renewal have various options for continuing their education. Qualifying courses include enrolling in AMTA-sponsored classes and workshops, attending regional workshops, taking courses at accredited MT schools, or even personalized instruction by a qualified instructor.

In addition to continuing their education, massage therapists in Idaho are required to submit (along with proof of their CEUs) proof of 200 actual work experience hours they have worked throughout the 4-year licensing cycle.

Today, there are more than 230 massage therapists in the state of Idaho. Massage therapists in Idaho can expect promising growth in this exciting field that is growing nationwide. Between 2004 and 2014, massage therapy is expected to grow approximately 20% nationally and even higher in Idaho with a 23% increase in Idaho. Not only is the field of massage therapy experiencing tremendous growth, but the state of Idaho is, as well -- Idaho has the sixth fastest growing population over any state in the U.S. A booming business in a flourishing state makes for a promising career for Idaho residents who are interested in the healing art of massage.