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A Day in the life of a Massage Therapist in Delaware

Imagine working in a fun, flexible career as a massage therapist in Delaware -- what would it be like? In the following information, we'll answer that question as we discuss what it would be like in "A day in the life of a Massage Therapist in Delaware".

Working as a massage therapist in Delaware state is always exciting, whether you're working as a sports masseuse in a gym, providing relaxing stone-therapy massages in a spa, or soothing away stress with a deep-tissue massage from your own home -- there is always variety from day to day in the life of a massage therapist in Delaware. In addition, massage therapists in Delaware can work one to two days per week or up to six days. Therefore, there's room in a Delaware Massage Therapist's schedule for time off OR for squeezing in appointments to make more money -- whatever fits the MTs schedule.

Sarah has worked as a massage therapist in Delaware for several years. Throughout the years, she has developed a rather large, regular clientele that visit her at least once or twice per month. While she has clients of all ages from the 20s range and on up to their 70s, but the majority of her clientele are between the ages of 30 and 50. Sarah's clientele is an even balance of women and men. About 65 percent of Sarah's clients are there for the treatment of a particular problem, instead of simply using her services for relaxation purposes, only.

Sarah's practice, Wellness Massage is open six days per week and accepts appointments until 8:30 pm. The practice is probably the busiest on weekends and late afternoons (around 4pm - 5pm when many hardworking professionals are getting off work), especially nearing the end of the week.

Sarah doesn't have to work on weekends -- her schedule is now, Monday through Friday, starting at 11am and lasting until around 7pm to 8pm. As a Delaware business owner, Sarah has several responsibilities to handle throughout the day, therefore, she typically only sees about four to five clients per day.

Before she changed from partial owner to full owner of the business, Sarah saw about five to six clients per day. Sarah's special technique is deep-tissue massage, and due to the deeper style, she finds that four to five clients per day are a good number of clients. This way, she says, she doesn't feel like she's burning herself out or trying to take on more than she can handle. She can take it easy by seeing fewer clients each day, and she can stay healthy and sane. Too many times, MTs take on eight or nine clients per day with no break -- this can lead to being burnt out.

Wellness massage has a calming, but inviting atmosphere. Each room is painted a different color -- sage green, muted purple, light blue, warm coral with wood floors. The rooms each have windows with white blinds and white curtains to let the natural light spill into each room during the Delaware summer and spring. In the cold winter months, the lighting is muted and aromatherapy candles are lit to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Fresh linens are placed in the room after every session, but Sarah still arrives at least ten to 20 minutes before the client shows up. Sarah finds it helps her to get in the proper mindset for each session by taking time to select music, prepare massage products, light candles and look over the client's file. It also helps her to arrive several minutes beforehand -- just in case a client shows up early.

While it may be a lot of responsibility, Sarah finds this type of work to be very rewarding. For her, it's all about the client, therefore, she has a variety of difference choices and she is not stuck using the same style of massage therapy. For instance, clients that are more sensitive, Sarah can use other techniques that are designed to treat sensitive clients such as, the Raindrop Technique (light and gentle massage technique with plenty of feather strokes)

Sarah enjoys the variety of what she does and she also enjoys helping clients heal, which is why she says she's stayed in the field of massage therapy for so long. Sarah gets the most out of her career as a massage therapist by seeing how much more centered and relaxed her clients are after a session. Many times, they tell her what a difference it has made for them. For Sarah, that's why she got into massage therapy in her home state of Delaware it's really very rewarding.