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Texas Marital Therapy Training

To be a marital therapist in the state of Texas you must be able to stand the amount of school work that is involved in your training as well as the many hours of hands on training you must do to be certified.  As being certified is a necessary step for those who desire to land a job in this field, it is important to prepare yourself for all of the other aspects of your training as well when making the decision to pursue this type of career.  In addition to going to school and doing clinical trials a person who wants to work in the field must also take an exam and complete an application for certification in the state of Texas.  Though this may seem like a lot of work and preparation, there are many benefits to becoming a marital therapist including flexible schedules for some and the chance to help the people that really need it in a clinical setting.  In addition to this you will be able to get a competitive salary with many benefits it you decide to work in this field.

If you are thinking about getting your educational training in order to become a marital therapist then there are many options out there to choose from in terms of schools in the state.  You can also go to school online in the place of going to school at a traditional university.  Going to school online at a university like Capella which offers comprehensive courses in psychology at the undergraduate level can help you even more than going to a traditional university if you want to work while you are in school.  In addition to this using this method for your education can help you to get experience setting your own goals and motivating yourself to complete them.    In fact this is a necessary requirement for going to school online so if you are not a good self motivator then going to a traditional 4 year university may be the better option for you. 

While you are going through your undergraduate training stage in order to be a marital counselor it may be important to you to pick a major besides psychology to go into which is perfectly fine in order to get into graduate school.  You can choose a major such as sociology or social work to get the credentials necessary to get into a quality master’s degree program.  If you do choose psychology as your major during this stage of your education you may be able to get a better background of knowledge into the marital therapy field which is something to keep in mind when you are deciding what major to pursue.  Once you get to the graduate level it is necessary to go into a more specific major in order to specialize as a marriage therapist so while you are in your undergraduate stage you may very well want to take more classes in other areas to see if you would want to take up another job besides marital therapy.

Whatever you choose to do in your undergraduate years, if you want to be a marital counselor then you must have a passion for this type of work in order to succeed in the long run.  Many people find themselves getting burned out by this type of position and if you do not want this to happen to you it is suggested that you assess whether this type of work is for you early on in your training.  Once you enter into the marriage and family counseling master’s degree program you will have less opportunity to change career paths so it is important to make the decision of whether you want to enter this particular field early on in your training.  If you do have a passion for this type of work it is important to realize that it takes much hard work and dedication in order to be successful at getting your degree and after obtaining your master’s you must then prepare yourself for the many hours of training that you must involve yourself in at the clinical trial stage.  Though this may seem like a grueling amount of work with the right attitude you can reach your dream of becoming a marital therapist.