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Marital Therapy Education in Tennessee

In Tennessee it takes a multitude of education to be able to be certified to be a marital therapist.  In regards to this you must have a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling in order to practice in the state which only can be gained through going through an undergraduate degree program and then going on to get a graduate school education.  If you want to pursue a career in this field then there are many schools in the state that can aid you in reaching your goals.  One thing that you may want to consider when choosing a school to go to is whether you want to go online to get your education on get it from a traditional 4 year college.  Though both methods have their ups and downs attending class online can offer you more convenience with your education.  This is because online schools offer flexible schedules that can be ideal for those who want to work a job while going to school or who have other obligations to tend to.  If you are thinking about going to school online then there are many different accredited establishments you can choose from including Capella University which has a psychology program that you can attend at the undergraduate level.   This program can give you the credentials that you need in order to excel in your future career and also to get into the graduate school you need to in order to get to practice in the field.

When going through your undergraduate education it is important to realize that there are many steps you can take to aid you in getting into graduate school upon graduation.  As many graduate schools look for their applicants to have experience in the field that they are attempting to study in it is necessary to do all you can to get this experience.  Some things that you can accomplish while in your undergraduate stage of training include getting an internship in the field of your choice.  Though there may not be a whole list of marital counseling jobs to choose from around the particular university you go to (if you go to a traditional university) there may be a job that you can do which is closely correlated with the marital therapy field including working as an assistant to a therapist.  This can help you to get the experience you need to know how the marital therapy process works as well as give you a good resume to work with in order to get into graduate school.

If you are the type of person that wants to go to graduate school online then there are a few accredited colleges that offer the marriage and family counseling degree program online to choose from.  Though this may be more convenient for some it is important to realize that it often takes the same amount of work that you would have in a traditional on campus graduate school in order to pass your courses.  As graduate school classes are more geared toward the career that you will be working in as opposed to undergraduate school you can expect to get a lot of hands on training working in the field at this stage.  It is therefore important for you to prepare yourself for the rigors of your education at the grad school level. 

If you are serious about getting an education to practice as a marital therapist then it is important that you realize the level of commitment this involves.  In addition to going through your educational training in undergraduate and graduate school this job also involves a continuous education in the job market.  You must keep up with the changing techniques and practices involved in this career field in order to be successful throughout the duration of your years on the job.  In addition to this it may be necessary to go back to school in order to learn these techniques and practices.  If you have a passion for helping others in a clinical setting then this type of work may be ideal for you in the long run but if you don’t, going through the training it takes to be an asset to this field may lead to burnout and to instances of job turnover for many people out there who practice.