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Finding Marital Therapy Schools

Marital Therapy is still a very unique and specialized type of therapy. Marital schools are typically very rigorous in their curriculum. Finding a marital therapy school can be an extensive search because there are many different programs.

Marital therapists are considered practitioners that must obtain at least a masters degree and pass a state examination. Keep in mind that to enter a master’s program in counseling, a bachelors degree in psychology or another approved subject must be attained first. colleges for marital therapists

Marital Therapy Schools and Programs

There are many different campus and non campus based universities that have coursework for Masters degrees in counseling with specializations in marriage and family counseling. Many of them offer the pre-requisite degrees and coursework. Here are a few that have extensive counseling degree programs:

Walden University

This is an online university that has several degree programs to fit the working adults schedule and goals in obtaining a degree. Walden University offers extensive counseling coursework in their social science school.

Walden offers individual courses in preparation for graduate degrees without the requirement to be enrolled fulltime. The courses are:

  • Couples and Family
  • Counseling Diagnosis and Assessment
  • Group Process and Dynamics
  • Lifespan Development
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Professional Identity and Ethics in Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Treatment of Forensic Populations
  • Vocational Psychology and Counseling

Walden’s other degrees include:

  • BS in Psychology – this degree in general psychology focuses on the broader social science industry with several concentrations that prepare for graduate studies.
  • MS in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling - this degree takes a contemporary approach to developing a curriculum that is evidence-based for the counseling practice. The curriculum will prepare an individual to be a marital therapist. This degree has specializations in forensic counseling and trauma and crisis counseling.

Capella University

This is an online university that is designed for all learners and especially adult learners that have other life priorities but are still in pursuance of a degree. Many of these learners want to add to their breath of knowledge in a particular industry or field of work.

  • MS in Marital Couple and Family Counseling - this degree program is designed to position each student for a career in marital therapy. The curriculum is coupled with residencies and preparation for obtaining licensure.
  • Capella also offers certificate programs in Marriage and Family Counseling.

There are many other marital therapy schools that aren’t mentioned here. Marital therapy is a career that focuses on helping people improve their relationships and family dynamics. Each university has different specializations and coursework. There is online schools and campus schools that meet the requirements to obtain marital therapy degrees.