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Marital Therapy job outlook in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island as well as many other places in the US there is a bright job outlook for many careers in the psychology field.  When it comes to marital therapy jobs this also has a good outlook as the number of people working in this field is expected to grow in the near future.  If you want to get started in this career path then there are a number of steps you must complete in order to do so including obtaining a master’s degree in marital and family therapy at an accredited graduate school.  In order to get into one of these programs you will need to first go to undergraduate school and study either psychology or a comparable discipline so that you will have the background you need to be successful in the field.  During your graduate school years you will have to go through many hours of hands on experience in order to be comfortable performing the duties of a marital counselor on your own so it is important to prepare yourself for this while you are at the undergraduate stage of your training.

If you are serious about pursuing a job as a marital therapist then it is important that you learn how to apply yourself in your undergraduate educational stage.  This means researching all of the opportunities you can in order to use these opportunities to build a good resume to give to the admissions offices of the grad programs you choose.  Since there are many people trying to get to the point that they can become marital therapists it is important to do certain things in order to separate yourself from the rest of the applicants to the graduate school of your choosing.   Some things that students do in order to build their resume is to seek out internship opportunities as well as research opportunities at the undergraduate level in order to show the graduate school they plan on going to that they are serious about joining their masters or doctorate degree programs.  In order to find these opportunities you can search around your campus and ask the professors who study in your field about them.  Using these opportunities can not only better prepare you for your future career but give you the skills necessary to be an asset to the graduate program you choose.

When it comes to going to school in order to join the marital therapy career path you may want to think about whether going to school at a traditional campus or going to school online is right for you.  Though there are many benefits to going to undergrad and grad school at a traditional campus such as the opportunity to build closer relationships with your peers and professors, going to school online also has many benefits.  These include the fact that you may be getting an education at a lower cost to you if you decide to go to school online.  In addition to this you can usually set your own class schedule in order to work at your own pace and study on your own time.  This method of education also gives you more freedom to work while going to school or to take care of any other obligations while you are studying for your future career.  You can even travel the world while going to school online if this is your preference.  In any case this is something that you may want to consider when trying to find a degree program that you can excel in. 

In order to get the job that you want in the marital therapy field you will have to go through all the steps necessary to get your license to practice.  Besides going to graduate school and getting your master’s degree in the field you also have to complete 2 years of post graduate clinical trials as a requirement in the state of Rhode Island.  This period of time will teach you the skills that you need to be successful and it will also prepare you for the exam that you need in order to get your license.  In Rhode Island they try to make sure that all of the applicants for jobs as marital therapists are well qualified in the field so you can expect a comprehensive exam that encompasses all that you learn in your training stage.