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How to get Started in Marital Therapy in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania there are many people who are pursuing a career in marital counseling because this career offers a high degree of job stability as well as a competitive salary.  Though most marital counselors may have to work long hours starting off it is commonplace for a person in this career path to get opportunities for growth and a more flexible schedule especially when a person works for a private clinic or starts their own practice. If you want to become a marital therapist in PA then it is necessary to know all the steps involved in the process.  It takes at least a master’s degree in marital and family counseling in order to practice and get licensed in the field.  Needless to say getting a master’s degree requires much work and focus at the undergraduate and graduate level therefore if you really want to pursue this career path it may be a good idea to first have a passion for this type of work.  The benefits of having a passion in the field cannot be overstated if you are reaching for the goal of becoming a marital counselor. 

Being a marital counselor is seen by many who practice as very rewarding work which adds to the desirability of this job field.  In order to start your training in this field you must find an undergraduate degree program that can lead you to a master’s degree program in marriage and family counseling.   One of the disciplines you can choose at the undergrad level in order to get the background you need to be successful in your future career is psychology. At the undergrad stage taking psychology will give you the education in human development and human emotions that you need to move on to the next level.  If you are focused at this stage the process of becoming a therapist can be easier and getting good marks at this stage will allow you to get into a graduate school of your choosing.  Other requirements to get into graduate school involve the application process which serves to weed out those who would be an asset to the field from those who would not.  In regards to this it is therefore necessary that you do all that you can in order to get into graduate school at this point. 

Some things that can boost your chances of getting into the graduate program you need to practice in the field include getting experience as a therapist through taking up internships and involving yourself in other opportunities that may be available at your college.   This can not only give you the background you need to make a decision about really pursuing your career path or not but also give you the skills necessary to succeed in the future.  Taking research opportunities while in your undergrad program can also help you to learn the practices necessary to excel in your grad program. As you need to get a master’s degree to qualify to practice in this career it is necessary to start preparing yourself for the rigors of the job as early as possible.

One aspect of going to school to receive your training in the marital therapy career involves the decision of whether to take your courses online or to take them at a four year university at the undergrad stage as well as the graduate level.  When it comes to taking classes online many people choose this option because of the flexibility this offers people.  In regards to this you can often be able to work while you are in school easier while taking classes online than at a 4 year university.  This can help you to get the work experience necessary to excel in your field early and this will also help you to finance your education instead of focusing on getting student loans that can be a hassle to pay back.  Though the decision is yours, if you are thinking about going to school online there are some great tools that you can use on the internet that can help you find the right program for you.   So why wait, start searching online for the right school as soon as you can.