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Marital Therapist salary in Oregon

A marital counselor helps those with relationship issues to get back on track through assessing and diagnosing the couples that they work with in order to treat them. People who work in the marital therapy field can expect this field to rise in the coming years because of the fact that more people are becoming more comfortable taking their problems to a mental health professional. In addition to this the field has a broad range of applications to other careers.  Marital counselors enjoy a lot of benefits such as flexible schedules for some and a good salary for most.  In terms of salary a person in this field may take home as much as 50,000 dollars on average in the state of Oregon with the top earners getting above 120,000 dollars. These top owners usually own their own practices or work for private practices.  In order to earn a high salary such as this one it is important to realize you must do much hard work through your training and really focus on owning your own practice one day.  Though this may seem like a lot of work, the work you put in will be small in comparison with the benefits you get from it.
In order to become a marital therapist there are a variety of steps you must take.  One of the first steps is getting an undergraduate degree in the psychology field.  Though you can spend your undergraduate years doing virtually any major and still have a chance of getting into a graduate program for marital therapy, it is encouraged that you go to school and pursue a BA in psychology so you will have a solid background to build upon for your future career. 

If you are serious about pursuing this type of career then it may be important to you to take all of the opportunities for growth in your major that you can at the undergraduate level so you can excel when you get to graduate school.  In addition to this taking opportunities such as internships and research opportunities can really boost your chances of getting into a quality graduate school that you can be proud to put on a resume for a job after you graduate.  As it takes a master’s degree to become a marital therapist it is important to start thinking about your future career early in the training process so you can be adequately prepared for what’s ahead.

In addition to going to graduate school and getting your master’s degree in the field, for the highest salary getting a doctorate is the best way to go.  If you value having a variety of options when it comes to getting jobs in the psychology field then getting a doctorate degree may be your best option for this as well.  Though you don’t have to have a doctorate degree to get a license to practice in Oregon, this can help benefit you much more than simply getting a master’s.  If you want to become certified in this field you must also get much work experience practicing hands on with clients. This stage of the learning process will continue for 3 years and it will be supervised by a qualified and licensed professional.  In addition 2000 of these hours has to involve you working directly with clients one on one.  Though this may seem like a lot to go through to get a license to practice, these steps are necessary in order to ensure that every marital therapist in the state of Oregon is practicing with the utmost respect for using the correct guidelines involved in the process.

If you want to be a worker in this profession there are a variety of resources that you can use in order to do the research necessary to be successful.  In addition to searching for on campus universities you can visit some online schools to see what their requirements are for their degree programs.  You could also take some of the classes you need at the community college level in order to lower the cost of your tuition.  No matter what option you choose to reach your goal becoming a marital therapist could be one of the best decisions you make.