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Is there Marital Therapy Licensing in North Carolina

Marital therapists have the job of helping couples deal with the emotional crises they go through to get their relationships back on track.  Though becoming a marital therapist is not an easy accomplishment the competitive salary and the benefit of helping others is enough for many people to attempt to go through the training necessary to be an asset to this field.  If you are a person that wants to become a marital therapist then it is important for you to realize that you must achieve a master’s degree in order to be certified to practice.  This involves going through an undergraduate psychology program or another comparable program such as sociology.  In addition to this you must be willing to do what it takes to get into a graduate degree program.  This involves taking steps such as completing the GRE test with good enough score to get into the school that you desire.  In addition to this there are other steps that you can take in order to build your resume for graduate school such as getting an internship or doing other activities that show the admissions offices that you are serious about your education.

Getting your license to practice in North Carolina also takes much study and practice in the field as in addition to getting through graduate school you will also have to submit to at least 1500 hours of clinical work experience.  A third of this experience must be done while still in graduate school working toward your masters degree.  Though this may be stressful for many who attempt it, with a lot of hard work and dedication you can reach your goal of becoming a marital therapist. 

When you are going through your undergraduate and graduate studies it may be important to you to decide whether to go to a school online or one that is located on campus.  When it comes to going to school online this offers many benefits to the student.  Some of these benefits include a flexible schedule as well as a lower tuition cost for most.  In addition going to school online could help you to work at your own pace.  This method of learning can also benefit you by giving you the opportunity to learn from home and giving you the flexibility to work a job while going to school which can be ideal for a great many people out there that must do this.  Though going to school online can have these benefits and more it is important to note that you must have a good amount of self drive to be able to complete an undergraduate program online let alone a graduate program.  If you are the type of person that doesn’t handle the stress of managing your time well then this may not be the option for you.  If you plan on going to school on campus, this can help you by giving you more opportunities to make the connections necessary to go further in your career.  Whichever option you choose it is important to know that there will be a fair amount of work involved in order to reach your goal of becoming a marital therapist.

In addition to completing your master’s degree education and your clinical hours to be able to get certified, the last step in the process involves submitting the license application and the other documents that support your case for licensing to the marriage and family therapy licensing board.  This application can be downloaded online or gotten by mail from the board.  After this application is reviewed you can then get approved to take the licensing examination to be completely certified. 

If you really want to pursue a degree in marital therapy then there are a variety of resources available locally in order to help you to get started.  You can research the schools in your area or use online means to research a school online. Whatever method you use to research the school that you want to attend it is important that you go to an accredited school for your degree.  This can not only help you to actually get a job in the field but having an accredited degree is the only way to get into a graduate school of your choice.