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What types of Marital Therapist are in New York?

The job of a marital therapist is to help people with marital issues resolve the emotional and mental problems that lead to these issues.  They give quality advice and it is also their job to treat and diagnose a variety of disorders that couples may be exposed to.  In the state of New York there are a variety of types of therapists that are qualified to practice marital therapy including clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and therapy counselors, as well as social workers to name a few.  The main difference between these titles is the level of experience and the type of training that a professional in the mental health field must expose themselves to.  For example the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is the extra amount of school that a psychiatrist must go through (including going to medical school) in order to practice with this title.  In order to become a practicing marital therapist yourself it is necessary to realize that this takes much hard work and many hours of clinical practice to become certified to practice.  If you are thinking about becoming a marital therapist it is also necessary to know that you must have a desire to help people with a variety of problems in a clinical setting but with the right attitude and ambition you could be on the road to reaching this goal.

In order to become a marital therapist the first step that many people go through is getting a degree in a psychology related discipline at the undergraduate level of their training.  At this level there are many things that you can do in order to solidify your chances of moving on to graduate school including focusing heavily on your course load and getting all the experience you can in terms of your proposed field.  To get the experience you need it may be a good idea to seek all of the internship opportunities you can.  If you get an internship as an assistant in a marital therapist’s office this will  not only give you an idea of what the day to day life of a marital therapist involves but this will also help you to find out if this field is right for you.  Many people may go into a field not realizing that they cannot see themselves working in that field for the rest of their lives and this is when they fail to complete their training.  This is why getting an internship in your undergraduate years can be so important to your personal growth and the amount of focus you put towards reaching you goal.

In addition to getting an undergraduate degree you must also get into graduate school to pursue a master’s degree if you want to practice as a marital therapist.  This is by no means an easy task but the benefits you will realize by reaching your goal will make this process worth it. In graduate school you will have to study to obtain a clinical psychology master’s or doctorate degree in order to practice as a marital therapist.  Though getting a master’s degree can qualify you to work in the field, getting your doctorate can lead you towards a higher salary as well as more job opportunities in the field.  Knowing this you may want to pursue your doctorate instead of your master’s.  Some graduate schools may even allow you to study for a doctorate degree directly instead of getting a master’s first but whether you pick one option or the other you will still need to complete many hours of training in the field before becoming certified.

In order to get the information you need in order to make the decision whether to study the field of psychology there are a variety of resources available online that you can use to research the field and the requirements necessary to be certified as a marital therapist.  In addition to this there are many schools in the state that can offer you a degree program of this choice which can get you started on the road to success in the field.  Look for an accredited school online today in order to get your degree.