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Can I get a Marital Therapy Degree Online in New Mexico?

In New Mexico there are a variety of ways to get your certification to practice as a marital counselor including taking classes online or at a traditional university.  In either case you must complete a rigorous course load at the graduate and undergraduate levels as well as do at least  two years of clinical trials in the field before becoming certified.  If you are thinking about training to get your certification it may be important to you to decide whether to go to school online or to take classes on campus.  Though both may have their ups and downs, going to school online is quickly becoming a premier way to get an education in a variety of fields including the therapy field.   This is because using this method to get your education offers you the opportunity to learn at home and at your own pace.  In addition to this getting an education on line can help you to set your own schedule and work a job comfortably while going to school.  For single mothers or those with other responsibilities besides school this is an ideal way to learn but this can be a less than ideal way to learn if you are not good at managing your time or being responsible for your own success completely. 

If you are thinking about going to school online then it is important to get into an accredited online university.  Though there are many online schools to choose from some may not be accredited which can hurt you when it comes to going to graduate school and getting a job in the marital therapy field.  In addition to this it is also important that you choose the right courses to allow you to eventually practice in your field of choice.  In regards to this many people choose to take classes in the psychology discipline in order to get their foot in the door of a graduate school that offers a clinical psychology degree program.  Though you can choose other majors to pursue in order to reach this goal the psychology major can give you more of a background that is necessary to be successful as a marital therapist when you finish your training. 

In order to become certified in the state of New Mexico as a marital therapist it is necessary to go to graduate school and get at least a master’s degree in clinical psychology.  In order to do this many people choose to go to an on campus school that offers this field of study but there are also schools online that offer master’s and doctorate degree programs in the field as well.  Whether you choose to go to school on campus or online you will still have to complete about two years of supervised work experience in order to practice as a marital therapist after you complete your graduate school program.  1000 of the hours you will need to get your certification in this field must be in a marriage and family counseling setting in order to be certified so it is important to keep this in mind when you are trying to pursue your training.

As clinical psychologists can have a great impact on those who seek them for their marital problems pursuing this field of study can be very beneficial to those who want to help others.  In fact it is necessary for those who want to practice to have a dedication to helping others in order to be successful in the field.  Though there is much involved when it comes to completing your certification training the salary and benefits of becoming a marital therapist far outweigh the strain of the work load involved.  This coupled with the good job outlook makes this job that many people have pursued over the years and one that many people will continue to pursue.  In regards to this it is important to be competitive in your schooling at the undergraduate level to ensure that you can get into a quality graduate school and go on to get a good job with a good salary.   It is also important that you do much research on the requirements of this field and any other that you may be thinking about pursuing.