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Requirements to Become a Marital Therapist in New Jersey

In New Jersey there are many requirements that a person must fulfill before they can successfully become certified to practice as a marital therapist in the state.  Some of these requirements include getting a four year degree from a university and then going on to get your masters in the field of clinical psychology.  In addition to this it is required in the state of New Jersey that all of those who are training to become therapists to acquire at least 5 years of full time experience in the field in order to be certified.   Though this may seem like a tall order for some the benefits of becoming a marital therapist far outweigh the stress of the work you must put in to achieve this goal.  A marital therapist enjoys not only a competitive salary but also a chance to help those in need which can be very fulfilling work for those involved.  

If you are trying to become a marital therapist in the state of New Jersey then it is important for you to realize all of the various steps involved in the process.  The first step that many take who are getting their training is to enroll in a 4 year university in the psychology discipline.  This discipline will not only give you the background required to go on to the next level but it will also help you to get some of the experience you need to decide if becoming a marital therapist is the right choice for you to make.  If you are going through the process of searching for an accredited school to go to in order to get your degree then you may be undecided on whether to go to school at a four year university on campus or to go to school online for your degree. While going to school online can offer benefits such as a flexible schedule and a lower costing tuition then many traditional on campus schools, it is important to realize that if you take this option for your training you must be the type of person that is self motivated to do the work required of you.  Going to school on campus in contrast offer the student a range of opportunities such as the opportunity to connect with peers in a learning environment as well as to learn in a classroom setting that most are more use to. 

In order to get your certification to be a marital therapist it is also necessary to go to an accredited graduate school which can be hard to get into if you do not have the right focus and desire to succeed.  In order to get into most graduate schools you will not only have to complete a comprehensive test (GRE) but also show them that you have the adequate amount of desire to join their clinical psychology degree program in order to be a marital therapist through getting your master’s degree.  In order to show most graduate schools your level of dedication you may want to do a number of things while you are at the undergrad level including seeking internships and applying yourself to a number of courses that are geared toward a career as a marital counselor or clinical psychologist in general.  Doing this can not only show a grad school that you are serious about attending their degree program but this can also impact your salary in the long run.   After completing your graduate studies it is now time to gear up for your clinical trials.  You must complete five years to be certified including two supervised years.  Once you complete this you are on your way to being certified, all you need to do is fill out the application for this state.