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Marital Therapy Training in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire there are many guidelines that you must adhere to in order to get your certification as a marriage and family counselor including going to an undergraduate and graduate school thus getting your masters or doctorate in the field.  In addition to completing your master’s degree program in the clinical psychology discipline as a minimum requirement you must also complete a post masters clinical trial that must last for at least 2 years. These trials will give you the experience necessary to be an asset to the mental health profession and it will also be a big help in the next step in the process which is completing the licensure application in New Hampshire.   It is necessary to realize that in order to complete each step in the process of getting your certification it takes a degree of focus while you are completing your undergraduate, graduate and post graduate training.  This field also requires training even after you complete your certification process to get your license.  This is because being a family and marriage counselor requires much adaptation of practices and techniques to help a variety of clients to reach their emotional goals.  If you are ready for the training it takes to become a marital therapist you may want to start researching the various schools in New Hampshire that offer courses pertaining to this discipline today. In this field the procedures for certification rarely change but just in case they do you can contact the New Hampshire Mental Health Practice Board in order to make sure you are getting the guidelines correctly. 

In order to get your license to practice in this field you will have to start by getting into a BA degree program in the field of psychology.  You can do this online or offline through a university near you. If you are searching for a university to go to it is important that you try to enroll in one that is accredited so that you will have no problems going to the next level in your training: graduate school.  While you are completing your undergrad studies some things that you may want to look into include internship opportunities and research opportunities which can help you to gain experience in the field and to build up a good resume to get into the graduate degree program of your choosing. This type of experience can also give you an edge in landing a job with a competitive salary so this is something to think about with any field you decide to go into.  Though many people who want to study to be marital therapists usually go into a psychology discipline at the undergrad level you can also take courses that lead to a degree in other fields at this stage such as sociology or social work.  Though either one of these disciplines can get you the experience that you need to get into graduate school you may want to choose psychology just to get a better background for the field of marital counseling.

In addition to going to undergraduate school you will also have to pursue a graduate degree in the field as well through going to a graduate school that offers courses leading to a degree in clinical psychology.  This is no easy field of study by any means and it often takes much focus to get through the program.  After completing this program it is now time to do your clinical trials which will propel you toward being able to successfully be recognized as a licensed professional in the field and if you are interested in completing these requirements you can do so with much dedication.