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Marital Therapy Salary in Nevada

In order to become a marital therapist it is important that you know all of the steps that are involved in the process. One of these steps includes going to a 4 year university and then on to graduate school to complete your master’s or doctorate degree. The pursuit of your degree in this field will involve you enrolling into a clinical psychology degree program in graduate school as well as a psychology (or other comparable field of study) program at the undergrad level.  While completing the undergraduate step in the process you may want to really become active with trying to get work experience in your proposed job field in order to know the duties the job entails and to build up your resume to get into the graduate school of your choice. Getting some research experience in the field is also a good idea if you are trying to build a good resume and get the credentials necessary to go on to graduate school. Taking these types of opportunity can contribute not only to your education but to your overall salary in the long run.  

Becoming a marital therapist has many upsides such as a competitive salary and a fulfilling line of work for those involved but starting off these workers often have to spend long hours perfecting their craft and learning the ins and outs of the process.  In addition this type of position offers the worker a stable job outlook which can mean a lot in an unstable economy.  In terms of salary a marital therapist can average a little less than or a good amount above 45,000 dollars a year depending on the place that they work in the state of Nevada.  In an organization or a program funded by the state these workers often make less and can work longer hours than many others in the same position but at a different place of employment.  In a private practice setting a family therapist or marital counselor can often make a substantial amount more than 45k (often 60k on average) and they can often set their own hours as well.  This is why many people who work in this field aspire to open their own practices and reap these kinds of benefits.  In addition to this a non private therapist can make a small amount less than a private practice therapist doing the same job but there are a variety of factors that determine your salary with this job just like any other position in the job market.

One factor that can determine what the amount is of your salary is the amount of training you receive in the field.  Just as with many other jobs in the market, a person who holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology will make significantly less than a doctorate degree holding individual.  This is why it is important to take your education as far as it can go in order to get the best salary possible.  It may also be a good idea to pick different areas of the state to work in besides an area you are familiar with.  Your research of the salary in other areas of Nevada can often lead to you getting a better salary and more benefits than just sticking to the same area you have gotten your training in.   In addition to this, during your training it is important to focus on a goal of graduating from your master’s or doctorate degree program with the best marks possible for you.  This can not only increase your salary but also the amount of job opportunities you have in the field.