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Is There Marital Therapy Certification in Nebraska

Marriage and family therapists work with a variety of individuals and couples in order to get their relationships on track and functional again. These types of therapists are trained and licensed in order to diagnose and treat individuals that may be afflicted with a variety of mental disorders and other problems.  This field is one of the core disciplines in mental health and the people who work as marital therapists focus on understanding their clients’ needs and working with them to help them deal with their problems in a therapeutic manner.  In the state of Nebraska there are several requirements for you to get your certification as a marital therapist including getting a Master’s or Doctorate degree in the field and practicing for many hours through hands on training.  If you want to become a marriage therapist in this state it is important that you have the dedication necessary for the job as it will take many years to be able to get your certification. In addition to going to a graduate school you will also have to complete a test in this state in order to be certified.  As the test you must complete may be very grueling it is important that you take the time to consider this career very carefully before embarking on your journey through training.  After your training in the field you will be able to correctly diagnose clients including adults and children as well as plan treatments for these people.  You will also be able to engage in life coaching responsibilities with your clients.

Getting the certification you need to become a marital therapist usually starts in the transition from high school to a four year university.  Just as it takes much work to get the grades necessary at the high school level to get into a good university, it takes a fair amount of work in the undergraduate stage of your training to make it to the graduate level.  While making the decision of what major to enroll into at the undergraduate level it is important to realize that many who want to become marital counselors pick the psychology discipline to enroll into in order to get a basic idea of what principles they need to know at the graduate level.  In addition to psychology, you can pick a variety of other majors such as sociology and social work in order to accomplish your goal of becoming a marital therapist in the state of Nebraska.

One of the main aspects of getting your certification to become a marital counselor is the amount of effort you put into getting your graduate degree in the clinical psychology discipline.  While you are in the undergraduate stage it therefore may be important to you to get some experience under your belt in order to ensure that you know what to expect at the graduate level.  Internships and research in the psychology field can go a long way toward you building a good resume to present to a graduate school of your choice. In addition taking the GRE test and doing well in this and your undergraduate courses will determine what graduate schools you are eligible for and can have a great impact on your future salary. These aspects of becoming a marital counselor are good ones to keep in mind for your future success.  In addition it is also good to keep in mind that before you are able to take your certification test you must complete at least 3000 hours of clinical experience.  This can not only help you to figure out how to go about performing the duties you need to but it can also help you to become familiar with other aspects of your role as a marital counselor.